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My name is: Nousha Raymond.

I’m known for being: A registered nurse, cosmetic aesthetician and reiki master at Rejuvenate with Nousha.

I'm talking about: My new daily face oil, The Reset

You can find it at:, now! 

How it works is: This product is so wonderful because the MCT oil is the carrier oil to help the other effective ingredients penetrate the skin to bring down redness and inflammation.

What makes it special is: The unique combination of ingredients—like apricot kernel oil, geranium, CBD, bromalene and arnica—that, when combined, give such glowing results!

My favorite secret detail is: The reason I was inspired to make this product was because all of my clients feared getting bruises from injections. I was determined to make an effective oil with arnica to help prevent and treat bruises! And when clients use this post-injections, they have noted that it works.

Your body will thank you because: The CBD will relax the nervous system and the vitamin C will help tighten and renew your skin!

To me, the word “nourish” means: To take time for oneself. To become the best version of oneself. To ease the mind and create relaxation for beautification of the soul and body.

During this challenging time, it’s so important to nourish yourself mind, body and soul because: Oh Jeez, especially for my family, it’s so important that I nourish myself because otherwise I don’t like my reactions. I notice such a difference in my day even when I do a simple skincare routine with devoted intention of love for five minutes in the morning. It’s like a moving meditation of self-care and, while doing it, I’ll usually repeat a mantra like, “Show me the way, thank you and I love you,” to create positive affirmations for the day to the universe.

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