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What is really, truly, original?

This is a question I’ve been revisiting lately, as I’m in the throws of developing a new collection. I started feeling fearful that my ideas would be stolen before I found the funding to launch it big. Why? Because it happened before, and I was terrified that I’d have to relive that pain again.

I recently got to experience a taste of my fear from the other side. I started importing charms to make necklaces that have a similar feel to ones by a local jewelry designer here in Venice. I contacted her to let her know what I was doing, promising that I would never recreate her original design.

From that, a debate ensued, both with the designer and with myself. She understandably felt threatened, and I felt that the stone in question wasn’t something she could claim dominion over. In the end, we agreed that there is enough abundance for all and wished each other well.

Feels nice to live amongst evolved humans.

Because of my original experience, I had created a narrative in my head in which my ideas could be stolen from me—as if my thoughts are mine and no one else's. However, I’ve now been reminded that this simply isn’t the case: The collective unconscious is downloading the same information all over the planet.

Furthermore, owning my thoughts is not the point. The point that’s trying desperately to be driven home is to share everything with everyone and anyone! Nothing is mine; it’s all everyone’s. The Divine is kind enough to allow these ideas to move through me, so it is my responsibility to share them widely. But how does one do this and still make a profit, pay employees, keep a roof over one’s head and the family’s belly full?

It dawned on me that I must find a way to both give things away and live in financial abundance simultaneously. How? I’m not quite there yet.

An example that comes to mind, as I research, is to put my children’s books up to be fully previewed by any child or parent who’s in need of their empowering messages. And, at the bottom of the page, it will read: “Please buy the book if you can and support me, so I can make more and more books for you!”

I just know that if I allow The Divine to move through me and into the hearts of others, that all will be well. One must, of course, plan and run the numbers; but faith combined with a plan is a potent combination.

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