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My name is: Gina Clapprood.

My book is called: The Queen B. The struggle is real. So is the comeback. (February 2019).

My background before becoming an author was: I consider myself a normal working mom of three boys by day and an Intuitive Life Coach by night. It’s funny to see the word “author” because, while I did author two books prior to this one, I did it as an outlet for keeping my sanity at a very stressful time in my life. I would say more, but I’d be giving away my chapter in the book.

I was inspired to write it when: I would meet with clients, mostly women, who all seemed to be unhappy or searching for more in their lives. I kept coming across a commonality: they were all sacrificing their own happiness. The reasons for doing so differed from person to person, but the underlying issue was that they were not putting their needs first. This pertained to the roles they played in all areas of their lives, which I gave a “b” identifier: Bitch, Boss, Beauty, Bachelorette, Badass and more. I was inspired after holding workshops on this very topic and seeing the tribe of women that would bond over what was discussed. There was this collective realization that they were not alone and didn’t have to feel guilty or apologize for putting their own wants and needs first.

It's about: It’s an anthology of stories written by 31 inspirational women on their struggles, their comebacks and their commitment to putting themselves first.

The most unexpected takeaway is: Each story has it’s own takeaway. Each one is written with raw honestly and is so relatable. What was unexpected for me was that, at first, so many of these women didn’t feel they had a story to write, never mind one worth sharing. This was not the case, as you’ll see when you read the book.

It’s a game changer because: We are living in a time of women’s empowerment. There are a lot of books out there that discuss this very subject—but these women have been walking the walk for a long time. They exemplify the true meaning of putting yourself first, unapologetically.

My hope is that readers will: Realize they are not alone in their struggles. So many of us think we have a story that is so unique to us, that no one else will understand, or we don’t disclose out of fear of being judged. The stories in this book will prove the value of sharing the truth. You will undoubtedly have struggles—but keep your sights on the comeback and let it motivate the hell out of you!

My next book might be: I have had the thought to do a book on stories from our moms and their moms—the ‘original B’s, if you will. I feel we are a new breed of women here in the present, but what amazing stories must those generations before us have to tell?! I am also entertaining a children’s book for girls to promote self-love, as it is so crucial.

The title of my autobiography would be: Hmmm. I would title it: Just an Old Fashioned Kinda Girl. It would be a play on my love for a bourbon Old Fashioned and how, when I order whiskey, it seems to surprise people. How I just do my thing and have learned to get more comfortable owning who I am.

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