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I met a guy I like. We’ve not yet kissed, but I’ve already projected all over him. Projected my fears, my past pains over abandonment, my future wants and what I think I need. In recent years I’ve learned to keep such fears confined to my journal—a kindness past suitors didn’t receive. 

The truth is, God put this person (and all people) on my path, not necessarily to be the forever man of my dreams (dang Disney movies really did a programming number on our little girl brains), but certainly to reveal something to me about myself, to mirror something that needs examination, or maybe just to allow my soul to have another magical human experience.

This is not to say that goals shouldn’t be set and dreams shouldn’t be dreamt. But trying to see into or control the future is futile, not to mention impossibly frustrating. This is what the ‘being-present’ movement is all about. Checking in with what is, right now. Who am I in relation to this experience, how am I feeling, what does this person bring up for me to look at… RIGHT NOW. Am I acting from love? Or fear? Can I choose love, and if not, why not? And how can I simultaneously help this person to reveal themselves?

Friends help friends grow.

Help me grow, friends. 

Thank you in advance,


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