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“Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer.”  –Carl Jung

Growing up on a small island in Southeast Alaska allowed me an endless amount of freedom and space in nature to develop a keen imagination. My family never owned a television and I first experienced a shopping mall as a teenager. By the time I moved to The Lower 48 as a young adult, I began to realize that I didn’t possess the same rational inner life that many of my fellow students and coworkers did.

Since then, I’ve built a fantasy career in the fitness industry based on taking bold leaps into the unknown and growing wings as a result. I’ve experienced failure and disappointment like everyone else, but my connection to the magic and mysticism of nature has given me the courage and faith to continue the pursuit of my dream life, holding onto the belief that I will be provided with the divine guidance needed  to create my ultimate reality.

In my world every day, miracles happen in the form of signs and synchronicity. To me, there is no such thing as a mere coincidence.

So I couldn’t help but feel tingles up my spine last weekend: I was cruising towards Northern California on the exact same route I had taken thirteen years earlier from Arizona. And I was going to gather with the exact same people I had met briefly way back then, a community I never dreamed I would see again in this lifetime.

I originally moved to California as a teen in search of adventure and freedom. What I found was a group of traveling hippies in South Lake Tahoe, who took me in and made me feel like family. That was exactly the support I needed at that moment, feeling lost, overweight and unsure of who I was.

We all worked and lived at a small summer camp and every evening, after our duties were finished, we would gather and jam with guitars, harmonicas and anything we could find that made noise and could create rhythm. After three months of this, the more talented musicians formed a band and we watched them play at the local coffee shop for the first time. These brave performers inspired me to dance, sing and express my gifts. I felt alive inside while in their company. They made me believe anything was possible.

I eventually moved on, went to college and later took a job working at a boutique hotel on the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula in the Mayan Riviera. It was off the beaten path, on a strip of endless pristine white sand beach in a small town called, Tulum. There,  I met the man who would eventually become the love of my life.

The first thing I noticed when I met my future husband was a tattoo on his back: Alaskan native art from the Tlingit tribe in Sitka where I grew up. Since he was from Phoenix, Arizona, I thought it was strange that he would choose this piece. When I asked him about it, he said he had always been taken with the look of the Alaskan tribal designs and had a fondness for the state deemed “The Last Frontier,” although he had never been to visit. A gut feeling told me there was a connection that ran deeper than a passing acquaintance and then he started to tell me stories of his childhood friends, who had moved to California and started a band that traveled the world and had found great success and many followers.

When he mentioned the name of the band, I nearly fell off my beach chair. This man was best friends with the very people who had inspired me so long ago in my moment of teenage angst and confusion. These were the same wild warriors of nature who had set me on a course of personal growth, which empowered me to shed 70 pounds and learn to love who I was inside and out through music, dance and self-expression. This was the passion I would mold into a career that gave me purpose and a sense of deep inner peace.

As I cruised up the coast with my husband of three years last weekend, I felt grateful that I had the courage to say “Yes!” and marry this beautiful man, making the biggest commitment of my life. I reminisced about the synchronicity that we should be traveling together to see the last big show that the fateful band, Blue Turtle Seduction, would ever play and felt a sense of divine guidance that we would be together to celebrate the marriage of our mutual friend too. This was a friend who my husband and I met at different times, in different states, at much different ages, but we were now joining together in a synchronistic reunion to celebrate love, family and friendship, the things in life that matter most.

When I am able to stay rooted in the present moment, I become aware of the support and guidance all around me. By acting on a subtle inner nudge from The Universe and my higher self, I have traveled the world, started my own wellness company and met and married my best friend. The following is my formula for connecting with the divine intelligence, which is present within us all and has the power to create magic and miracles in anyone’s life:

1. Take action.

2. Don’t be afraid to put something down, if it’s not serving your highest good. This is the only way to make room for the new. If something is meant to be part of your life, it will find you again.

3. Trust your gut and stay in the present moment. Look for synchronistic signs that give you goosebumps and make you stop for a moment of reflection.

4. Have faith that if you can dream it, you can create it in reality.

photo credits: maria arnell & mariana morkore, sandra critelli

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