The Power Of A Talisman

The Power Of A Talisman

The word “talisman” comes from the Greek word “telesma,” which means to consecrate and fulfill.

A talisman acts as an amplifier of your will and desire. Many people use them in their everyday lives and don’t even realize it: For instance, do you have a lucky piece of jewelry? A talisman is basically any charged object that produces a desired effect. I actually design my jewelry collection with a special wish for the owner included in each of the symbols: that they may manifest their hearts’ desires.

At regular intervals throughout the day, concentrate on your chosen object for a few moments, while contemplating your wish. When you pour purpose into your favorite item, you are charging it and creating a talisman. Charge it consciously with your will and your aim.

If you feel stuck or blocked, bored or in need of motivation; if you need to raise your energy to a higher vibrational frequency to manifest your dreams more fully, then hold your jewelry talisman to improve your mood and create, imagine and picture your future in real terms.

First, have a clear intention such as feeling peaceful, creating abundance, or attracting more love into your life. Focus on the purpose of your wish and the desired end result. Place the talisman against your brow, between your eyes—this is where your powerful and intuitive third eye is located. Close your eyes and go inside the piece to allow a personal thought to form. Visualize the end result in your third eye. See it, say it, and feel it to make it real. See the colors, hear the sounds, and experience the emotions of your wish. When it feels real, breathe the vision into your talisman; then open your eyes. The vision vibration will be stored in the piece until it is purposefully cleared out.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Sit down with your amulet in a place where you’re not likely to be disturbed. Get comfortable.
  2. Hold the talisman in your dominant hand (right hand, if right-handed) and clear your mind of anxious thoughts. Breathe deeply and slowly. Start to focus on your intention for the programming of your talisman.
  3. Focus by repeating a mantra of descriptive words aloud. For instance, if you want to program your talisman to bring focus for an important project, repeat the words, “I need more focus for this project,” over and over again. A whisper is fine, or you can repeat your mantra in your mind’s eye.
  4. Continue to repeat your intention while holding the talisman cupped in both hands and until it feels as though it has accepted the programming fully.
  5. Open your hands. To access the programming, simply hold and rub the piece and ask for its programming to be released whenever you need it.
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