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My name is: Sarah Michelle Wergin RN, LAC

I live in: Asheville, NC.

I’m known for being: A healer, teacher and priestess.

I own Kwan Yin Clinic, a traditional Chinese medicine and integrative, holistic medicine clinic. I have been in the healing arts for over 29 years, weaving together ancient healing modalities with modern insights. I also offer spiritual courses in my Awakening Divine Union Mystery school. And lead Sacred Journeys to sacred sites in the British Isles.

I'm talking about: My Sacred England Journey: Pilgrimage of Remembering this September 2023. We are being called to remember our sacred wisdom, reclaim our lost gifts and rebirth our divine purpose here in this lifetime. This sacred journey is a pilgrimage to give yourself the time out of your daily life to go inward, do deep soul work, be held in sacred space while you explore these power places, be a part of a sacred circle of souls and do ceremony along the way.

Before I created this, I was: I have been in the healing arts my whole life. I was a highly intuitive child and have always been in touch with the esoteric realm. And I became interested in natural healing after I was diagnosed with cancer at 14 years old. I was raised Catholic, but, when my parents divorced in my childhood, my mother awakened to her Goddess wisdom and taught me. That began my exploration of the Goddess tradition: I began to study all world spiritualities and soon realized it was my calling to assist others with healing and awakening the sacred feminine on Earth. That soon led to understanding it is about Divine Union for each soul. That is the way for each person to discover their own truth and empower them to live their soul purpose and mission.

My interest was sparked when: I started being self-aware of the health of my body at 13 years old, then was diagnosed with cancer at 14 years old. It was an awakening for me. I knew that my soul had created this illness to actually heal me. It caused me to realize it was my calling to learn as many different natural healing modalities as I could, so I could assist other people on their healing path. I ended up knowing that I needed to study Western medicine as well. After all, that was the culture we lived in and I needed to understand that paradigm so I could help others make the best choices for themselves. I got a RN degree, just so I could speak both languages and understand how to weave the two together as needed.

The idea behind it is: This journey is a powerful activation along the Path of the Dragon, the Michael and Mary Ley Lines. A sacred pilgrimage into the land of magic and myth. A land that runs deep with power and where the veil is thin and you can see beyond. It is a land steeped in ancient traditions of the Druids, Priestesses of the Goddess, Early Christianity and the Legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Connecting with the mysterious serpentine standing stones of Avebury, the mythic Silbury Hill pyramid, the ancient Tor labyrinth, the unconditional love of Mary’s Chapel and the magical waterfall Glen of St.Nectan. Returning to Avalon we feel the presence of the ancient Goddess tradition still radiating from the land. We walk the Avalon Labyrinth into the underworld to transform and renew ourselves. We take time to sit in the quiet of the gardens, listen to magical trees, merge with the mysterious stones and ley lines, immerse ourselves in the sacred springs and drink of the healing wells. The sacred waters fill us with the divine masculine and feminine to mirror the alchemical union within us. We complete our journey in the coastal lands of Cornwall. Experience the magic of overlooking the Celtic Sea during ceremony. Return to the birthplace of Arthur, feel the power of Merlin’s Cave, listen to the messages in Minster woods and receive the illumination and healing of St.Nectan’s Glen.

This journey is not your usual tour of a distant land, but one of pilgrimage. We take time at these sacred places for quiet reflection, meditation and listening. Many ceremonies are offered along the way to assist each person’s opening, remembering and awakening.

Remember your ancient gifts. Reclaim your power. Rebirth the truth of who you are! 

My favorite lesser known detail is:

This sacred pilgrimage is set up to flow in a way that allows an alchemical process to open up in each attendee, so their soul can experience transformation. These journeys are the trips of a lifetime. You will receive gifts of awakening to your true self.

A moment of true retreat happened for me here when: This journey’s magic unfolds every day. This experience will show you that magic is real and still alive! There are so many unexplainable things that happen on these retreats; each soul receives so many gifts they never knew were coming. The sacred circles, the sites, the powerful ceremonies and initiations. It connects all parts of you through all lifetimes.

Escaping is so important for all of us because: We all come into this life for a soul purpose or mission. Living out that mission is the most important thing one can do. Retreating from your daily life to have periods of time when you can reconnect and realign to your center, your soul, your divine self, is imperative to live the life you came here for. It is in these deep inward times that our greatest treasures are found.

The words I live by are:

My vision is to help each person on their healing path to awaken to their true self. It is only from this place that we can feel wholeness and experience true healing. I am here to support you on this journey.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

Beauty is equal to function. Do not forget to live a beautiful life.

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