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My name is: Shiva Rose.

I’m known for being: Author of Whole Beauty; alchemist for Shiva Rose Beauty & Skin; creator of the holistic website, The Local Rose; mama to two daughters, Colette & Charlotte, and lots of animals; custodian of the earth.

I'm talking about: Part of my healing journey, after a divorce and autoimmune issues, was connecting to the power of lunar energy. “The Moon & You” is an online workshop that details how to connect to the power of the moon and, thus, yourself. 

You can find it at: Through my blog, the local rose, or at

What inspired me to launch this was: I wanted to share with others who are experiencing heartbreak, loneliness, insecurities or health issues, as a way to find self-healing and self-nurturing by harnessing la luna. 

How it works is: This is a comprehensive course designed to simplify the relationship you can have with the moon. It’s factual, historical and spiritual. This course is simply revealing ways to get in sync with the moon’s rhythm. There are eight modules on moon rituals, teas and tonic recipes for various moon times, the connection between women and the moon, historical data and more. 

What makes it special is: I have a chapter in “The Moon & You” that describes why some women have their cycles on or near the full moon, and others near or on the new moon. Personally, I find this information so fascinating. Harnessing the rhythm of the moon cycle can help us benefit in many ways and create structures towards more abundance, love, health and radiance. I also think my course is wonderful for those who are new to spirituality or New Age dogma. It’s designed to be very easy to digest. 

One thing you can’t miss is: Connecting to the new moon and full moon cycles to manifest projects or desires.

My favorite secret detail is: As humans today, we are mostly deficient in moonlight. At one time, we were living on the land, so we had access to moonlight. This light gives us vitamin D and can get our cycles in sync. Just as it can help with biodynamic gardening, it can help with our overall well-being and health. So, at the next full moon, try to lay down outside for a few minutes and absorb that powerful light.

Synching our spiritual exploration/healing with the moon phases is helpful because: The moon affects the oceans and all water ways. The moon creates the ocean tides. Our bodies are over 70% water, so it also affects our internal tides on a cellular level.

The moon helps me live my process by: Realizing that, just as the moon ebbs and flows, so do I. When the moon retreats and wanes, she is resting, and that made it seem ok for me to do the same. As the moon grows and becomes full in all her glory, she gives me permission to do so, also.

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