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My name is: Taylor Patterson.

I’m known for being: A florist and founder of Fox Fodder Farm.

I’m a maker of: Flower arrangements—and, recently, a baby.

Making is an important part of my personal process because: The physical connection to what I’m doing or creating is often where I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment.

Using your hands or mind to create and experiment can be rewarding for anyone because: The rewards are unique to the individual and yet the same for everyone. There’s freedom in creative expression, whether it be mental or physical. 

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, it helps me feel: Motivated, but at ease. 

This month, one way I’ll show self-love will be: To be present with my baby. To let the day go by without feeling the need to do anything other than just be with her and embrace the sense of accomplishment in that.

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