The Long Journey To Compassion

The Long Journey To Compassion

My search for a spiritual life began while I was in college. At the time, I would often think that there must be more to life than simply going to work, raising a family and eventually growing old and dying. I was really searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in my life.

I decided to take a course on the religions of India in which we read the Bhagavad Gita, and I was stunned by the beauty, simplicity and relevance of the teachings I found there. This ignited my love for Indian spirituality and Vedic philosophy and, for the past two decades, I have been immersing myself in all things yoga.

Of course, yoga is so much more than cultivating a flexible, healthy body; it’s also the ultimate recipe for emotional and mental wellbeing and a foolproof roadmap to realizing our true nature as spirit. A huge part of yoga is meditation, and I have found meditation to be a vital part of my daily practice. It definitely sustains me and helps keep me balanced during the more turbulent moments of my life.

Along the way, I also fell in love with designing jewelry and created my line, The Tulsi Project. My latest collections celebrate what I have grown to understand and cherish: that through the practices of yoga, meditation and reflection, I can change myself for the better.

A mentor of mine recently asked about my life goals, and I realized that what I want most is to become a more compassionate person. At the heart of it, the path of yoga is geared toward communing with that deepest part of ourselves that is pure love and compassion. It is directing us back inside. When I can tune into that core of love more often through these practices, I can feel myself being slowly transformed into that compassionate human being I want to become.

Of course, I realize I have quite a long journey ahead of me, but nothing could be more comforting than knowing that, through my practice, I have the means to get to my destination.

Find more information on The Tulsi Project here.


-- Tiffany Taylor Kenny. Jewelry designer, Tiffany Taylor Kenney, combines gemstones of sumptuous colors and textures with high quality gold and silver. Wire wrapped gems of every hue and tiny luxurious details are signatures of the line. Tiffany finds abundant inspiration in the vast, rustic beauty of northern Colorado, where she lives near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

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