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Let’s face it: Life in modern times and in modern cities comes with consequences. At times, we are left feeling stressed, impatient and depleted. How can we slow down while living amongst millions of people in such a fast-paced environment? Where is the balance?

Perhaps cultivating deeper connections to that which feels nourishing is a start— making time for health, being mindful of the breath and nurturing the things most dear to us. In doing so, we can reflect upon the quality of life we desire and can restore the areas of our lives that have been overlooked. We can ask ourselves: What are we making the most time for?

It’s important for our growth to compassionately check in with ourselves from time to time and examine the areas that need improvement. Then, we can resume some of those rituals that we might have let go, but still cherish. I have always found that the simplest rituals—like a moment of gratitude in the morning, sitting in a quiet place to breathe, a walk in the forest, lighting a candle, electronic fasting—leave me feeling nourished and renewed.

It is not important why we wander away from ourselves and the things that bring us the most joy; what matters is the journey back to our center. Joy, wisdom and growth are in the journey.

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