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I stumbled across the concept of healing in my late twenties.

Before that, when it came to finding relief from sickness or discomfort, I had only known Western medicine and doctors. But, through sheer luck, I was directed to an expert in nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathy and energy work who ultimately changed my life. That experience opened up my eyes to so much, including, perhaps most importantly, the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself in many ways if you take an active role in your “healing.”

Normal life is hard enough, but having tools and individuals to guide you is imperative these days. This month at Live The Process, we have chosen to explore the concept of “the healer” or those who have the power to skillfully work with the body’s natural inclination to be healthy through various modalities.

I have been fortunate to meet—and engage with—many spiritual healers throughout my journey; ones who have had everlasting impacts on my life. They have educated me on topics that I never knew to wonder about. My mind, my body and my heart are thankful for these experiences, which have helped me navigate the world we live in on a different frequency. I now know my body well enough to understand when I’m feeling in alignment or when I need to detox, remove or even move energy. Healing has played a huge role in how I live my life as it keeps me grounded and compassionate and motivates me to spread what I have learned (and continue to learn). This month, we’ll be featuring healers of many kinds—from those who harness nature to those who go deep in ways we have not previously considered.

Now, as the concept of alternative healing becomes progressively mainstream, this exploration becomes even more important to discuss and investigate—especially at there is so much suffering in the world right now. Anything that helps us thrive is essential. As always, life is a process and this is just one part. If we can do the work, we are more able to receive the fruitful results we all deserve.

Stay safe and healthy—mind, body and spirit.

xo - Robyn

Image via Carla Cascales Alimbau

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