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My week:

My dad is dying.

I may not be able to have babies.

One of my oldest friends told me that, until a few weeks ago, he was planning to commit suicide.

My parent’s dog accidentally got into my suitcase and ate nine bars of hallucinogenic chocolate mushrooms, lived and is changed (I think maybe for the better).

I got food poisoning from a mother-frigging carrot and ended up in the emergency room.

I got to the airport to come home and had booked my flight for the wrong day.

My boyfriend picked me up and announced that we were going to go meet his mom (who still loves his ex) for the first time.

All that in one week. But, despite it all, I shall find the light and remember above all else: There are no mistakes!

Why is this important to us all? Because I want you to remember that it could be worse. Your shitty day isn’t so bad, and neither is mine. It’s all an illusion. There’s actually nothing but light; the rest is an elaborate hoax designed to stretch our hearts to full capacity.

We’re never given more than we can handle. Let’s switch it up and find that little ray of light that is just dying to burst forth and remind us of something forgotten and important.

Dig Deeply.

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