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“Childhood summers are about ease and fun, escaping into nature, long days and warm nights. As adults, we struggle more to unwind, unplug and take space. That’s where retreats come in—periods of time set aside specifically for self-care, personal exploration and exhales. This month, we’re spotlighting unique and dreamy retreat options for now and the future to help you explore varied parts of yourself.

“Retreating is an act of surrendering and withdrawing,” says Live The Process co-founder Robyn Berkley. Here, she discusses the importance of taking time to go within in order to be the most fulfilled version of yourself.


“Within you, there is a stillness and sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” — Herman Hesse


For me, retreating is the act of surrendering and withdrawing to a quiet secluded place. Doesn’t that sound so tempting right now?

With the pandemic in a more manageable place and summer vacation upon us, it feels like everyone I know is traveling to some amazing destination, near or far. What a perfect time to explore incredible spots for exploring quiet and introspection!

The reality is that retreat is always available to us, whether in far-flung destinations or in a peaceful corner of our own homes. And it’s always valuable.

When we press pause, mentally and physically, we can disconnect from outer distractions and reconnect to our inner worlds. It’s not about escaping, exactly, although it does provide a sense of freedom, but about exploring the possibility of a new reality, a new worldview. A retreat is a time for us to pay attention to all of those little things.

Lifting our veils dissolves the masks we tend to create to protect ourselves during the hustle of life. In order for us to raise our consciousness, we need to spend time with ourselves, balancing the spiritual and worldly and reminding ourselves of our true identities.

Finding a sense of calm isn’t always so easy, but, this month, we’re spotlighting amazing teachers and destinations to help you connect to that inner peace, leading you into new realms to jump-start change.

If you’ve been on a proper retreat before, or even just connected to the concept of personal or inner retreat, you know that once you get there, it feels amazing.  Even a week or weekend away from your usual grind can be a game-changer, recharging and recalibrating your sense of self, so that you can return to your daily life renewed.

We all know the concept of the oxygen mask as a metaphor for caring for ourselves. It’s essential to remember: taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. You can only take care of and support others if you make your own mental, physical and spiritual health the first priority.

So, retreat from your daily demands and focus on the art of taking a step back, witnessing the inner love and compassion that’s too often blocked. Retreats are a gift, a moment to reactivate your senses, breath in the blessings and release all that is no longer serving. Who knows? You may just come back a new and better version of yourself or the person you knew you always could be.

x Robyn

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