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My name is: Rashia Bell 

I’m known for being: An energetic interior designer, crystal healer and co-founder of The Cristalline and Re.Vityl.

My expertise is in: Creating energetic spaces, crystal healing, guiding mediation and showing people how they can harness the elemental energy of natural crystals for greater well-being. I am also a resident crystal healer and meditation master at the Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown and at their property in Philadelphia.

The way it works is: We approach all of our work from the vantage point of creating an intuitive connection for greater energetic alignment. Whether it is working with clients one-on-one, group experiences, space design or our crystal products, it all begins with that inherent connection. It has to start with you. If you are willing to be open to exploring your innermost self, we’ll show you how to use crystals as a tool for connectivity to support you in a multitude of ways.  

The energy of your environment can impact your well-being because: Your environment is a direct reflection of your well-being. When they can co-exist in harmony, we feel great, we have more energy and the space supports us in focusing on our goals and achieving our dreams. When there is misalignment, we notice the immediate disarray, and it has a trickle effect into all aspects of our lives from our relationships to our focus and decision-making to our moods and health. I have adrenal fatigue, so, I find that being exhausted and unhappy with my environment depletes my energy levels even more. If it wasn’t apparent before, this pandemic has truly shown us how our environment is important to maintaining a healthy state-of-mind. 

One way I’ve aligned with my own interiors in this difficult time is: I’m in a transitional space/time at the moment like many people, and I ended up moving all of our inventory out of NYC to where I have been staying in Philadelphia (which is where I grew up). It is convenient, yet it has allowed me to realize the need to create defined boundaries within the spaces, so that I’m not working 24/7. Overall, I’ve just tried to make things as comfortable as possible and to transition between different areas throughout the day, whether that meant buying new bedding or a weighted blanket or setting up my computer for zooms outside when the weather was warmer. Even if you are in a small space, it’s about the interactions that you choose to have in your space and making those as enjoyable as possible. It can be as simple as where you choose to place favorite objects or crystals, for example, as the things you enjoy are visual cues that can definitely shift your mood. 

I stay physically healthy with: I am a former ballet dancer, so movement is something that has always been a part of my life. But what that looks like can change pretty drastically, ranging from my teaching classes or attending them (pre-Covid) to working with a trainer or with whatever I could find online. For the first six months of the pandemic, I was hooked on IGLive dance classes with Ryan Heffington that were the perfect Jazzercise midday break to help me brighten my day and not take myself or things in life too seriously.

Lately, I’ve just been focused on a lot of stretching, since nearly a year of not moving around as much definitely tightens everything. I always take probiotics and a few supplements for stress, detoxification, immune health etc. and put ginger in as many things as possible. Self-care for me also includes body care. I use a Stass & Co dry brush in the morning and use the Esker Body Plane at night with relaxing body oils. I am loving using an acupressure mat/pillow at the moment, so I tend to be drawn to things at the moment that are a bit about moving with greater ease. One brand I love is Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies; they are a regular part of my nighttime routine. 

I keep my emotions balanced with: It most definitely “takes a village” to stay emotionally balanced. I lead a lot of meditations for corporate groups etc. And, for me, guiding a mediation or crystal healing can be just as meditative as if I was solely being an active participant. Working with crystals and having them always around definitely helps keep me more balanced, as certain ones can help me trigger a shift in mood if I need it. Focus is something that has definitely been particularly challenging lately, so I will take a few mini two- to five-minute breaks and just write down whatever comes to mind on scraps of paper and then toss them in the recycling to help clear my head. I will also diffuse our Re.Vityl organic rosemary or peppermint essential oil or drink some mint tea when I need a pick-me-up or reset during the day. I am lucky in that both of my businesses and the product we create help promote positive emotions and energy.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I have always loved to read and tend to be a bit of a speed reader. Though, for the first time in my life, I feel like I am knee-deep in multiple things at one time—from titles on marketing to books about medicinal plants and Chinese medicine. Launching a new business in a pandemic has definitely been challenging, so I like listening to the How I Built This podcast. It provides inspiration through other founder stores. I’ve just started to get into some of the Clubhouse rooms for entrepreneurs with female business owners, VCs and investing. 

I was recently transformed by: It’s hard for me to believe I haven’t been on a plane in a year, especially since I used to travel at least a couple times a month, so travel is definitely something I miss. Colombia is very special to me. I spent some time living there a few years back, and it is where I was called to host my first wellness retreats. From absorbing the landscape to getting to spend time with the indigenous communities, there is something really special about the energy where the mountains meet the coast in the Magdalena region and its quartz-filled Sierra Nevada mountain range. It’s not surprising that I was immediately drawn to that area, and I am keeping my hopes up that we will be able to bring a group there in 2021.

My business partner in Re.Vityl is from Croatia, as are many of our suppliers, and I can’t wait to get to go back there too because the Dalmatian islands are stunningly beautiful. I feel lucky to have my work bring me there.

I would say my most recent transformation was deciding to get away for a few days to an Airbnb a couple of hours from my house by the water. Cooking yummy meals in a different space, having long talks and even being able to walk on the beach in the middle of winter did wonders for my mood.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: One thing a friend and I started doing months ago was texting each other our “Sh*t that went right today” list. It’s super low-pressure, different from a gratitude list which sometimes feels like you have to list these monumental things. It’s a reminder to celebrate the small wins, even if it is just that today was “Taco Tuesday”!

The ritual that has definitely become the most important for me during quarantine is baths. Taking baths was always something that I did occasionally, but I have really relied on them quite a bit during this particular time to clear stagnant energy. Mentally, it helps me break up the monotony to have a defined closing ritual for each day to clear the slate and prepare for the next.

Here’s how you can do it too: I personally like a pretty hot bath, so, while running it, I will add in drops of our Re.Vityl Essential Oil Blend which has notes of lavender, sage and rosemary in it, and our Organic Dalmatian Sage Essential Oil. I usually add in quartz crystals and bits of selenite (note: this will dissolve in water at some point), and Himalayan or pure sea salt from Croatia. Sometimes I read or listen to a podcast or meditate. I have also been known to get my beauty routine in and will put in a hair mask or even do my skincare routine and roll my face to release tension with one of our crystal face rollers. I choose the stone energy of the roller that I need most at that time. I usually finish with the body routine mentioned above. By then, I’ve wound down and am pretty much ready for bed, where I might read a few lines or journal a bit before I pop on my crystal infused sleep mask that I absolutely cannot sleep without. 

It helps me live my process because: It nurtures me, and it sets the stage for me to prioritize sleep and rest. I believe that quality sleep and our spaces are the foundations for our well-being. Everything else in our life is built upon what has been laid out or is impacted by those two major aspects of our life.

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