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My name is: Nwando Emejulu.

I’m known as: A Pilates instructor and co-founder of Move With Purpose (which donates 100% of net proceeds from weekly workout classes to different non-profits that support social justice and Black communities). 

My expertise is in: Teaching solo or group classes, while focusing on each client’s unique needs and goals.

I stay physically healthy with: First thing every morning, I drink boiled ginger root with one lemon, raw honey and 2tbsp of chia seeds to energize and cleanse my system. I take liposomal vitamin C from HMS Nutrition, 5 Defenders Immune Strength from Real Mushrooms and omega-3 fish oil from Sports Research. I have noticed improvement in my skin and joints since I started taking Indigo Marine Collagen powder.

I also love to mix my workouts for a well-rounded regimen. Pre-Covid, in addition to Pilates, I would take Aqua Cycling at Aqua Studio in Tribeca and boxing at the Rumble Studios. Post-Covid, while teaching and working out from home, I will mix Pilates with strength-training. (I use heavier 10-15lb weights/kettlebells for legs and core work).

I love to experiment with smoothies too, but, almost every day, I make “the green monster” with organic spinach, organic kale, 2 Mejols dates, 1tbsp of flaxseeds, organic almond butter, frozen chunk of pineapple and 2tbsp of The Nue Co probiotics protein powder.

For yummy, affordable, paleo, vegan, organic food, my go-to  is shopping on Thrive Market (the company made tremendous donations to Feed America and Covid relief). I have been cooking a lot more too and I noticed a positive improvement in the tone of my muscles.

I keep my emotions balanced with: I listen to podcasts every morning before checking my phone and teaching. I learn a lot and feel grounded when I listen to any of the episodes of Therapy for Black Girls by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, Expanded with Lacy Phillips and podcasts by Mark Groves. A great way to reset my energy midday is Deepak Chopra’s podcast Daily Breath with 6-12-minute meditations.

My mom got me into essential oils to help with stress and headaches. At the end of a rough day, my go-tos are peppermint oil by Now and lavender oil by Sky Organics. I am also obsessed with candles, so I burn them every day. My favorites are Frères Branchiaux’s Vanilla Spice and Cherry Coco soy candles. Chiji's Crystal Energy Candles are pretty amazing. Their Abundance Crystal Energy Candle With Citrine is my favorite.

A long bath with Agent Nateur’s Holi Coconut Bath with jazz playing (Spotify has great jazz playlists) is a great way to unwind and feel a bit luxurious. Since I’m a Pisces with a moon in Scorpio, I love learning about myself in relation to astrology.

Susan Miller's Astrology Zone and the Co-Star astrology app are incredibly detailed, accurate and so much fun to read. As I am approaching 40, I’m always looking for clean and natural beauty products. Lately, my face has been loving Agent Nateur’s Holi(C) Refining Face Vitamins and Holi(Oil) Refining Youth Serum.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: When I listen to Michelle Obama’s podcast on Spotify and Oprah on Apple podcast, I am always inspired to grow more for myself as a woman and to be of service to others (in big or small ways). I have also learned to be mindful with my intentions because my  intentions create my reality.

I am currently replaying Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back on audiobook. It has taught me to be more present and change how my energy impacts my life in a positive way.

I was recently transformed by: Quarantine during Covid-19. Living in NYC for 17 years, I have never stayed inside my own apartment for more than two days straight, let alone over four months. I was able to sit still with my thoughts  with more meditation from Deepak Chopra’s “21-Day Meditation Experience” and spiritual workshops through To Be Magnetic by Lacy Phillips. I also journaled almost every day, writing down what I was grateful for and what I wanted to see happen in my life moving forward. Now, I feel grateful and hopeful on a daily basis.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is:  I cannot go a morning without burning sage and praying on my knees. I sage my home to cleanse it. I say intentions for the day out loud and then I pray on my knees, expressing gratitude for the day ahead and reiterating my intentions for the day. I usually get my white and lavender sage on Etsy or Amazon. 

Here’s how you can do it too: Find a beginner sage smudge kit (even just on Amazon). Follow the instructions on the kit, so you feel confident the first time around. Turn off your TV or music and find a space in your apartment where you feel the most comfortable. Close your eyes, say your intentions out loud or inside your head. Sit in that quiet and intentional space for two to five minutes or more!

It helps me live my process because: It helps me live an intentional, thoughtful life, one day at a time.

Take a moment to learn more about Nwando Emejulu’s journey here.

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