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My name is: Michael O’Brien.

I’m known as: An urban farmer and founder of Hommes & Gardens.

My expertise is in: Edible garden care and design.

I stay physically healthy with: Yoga, hiking and cooking healthy meals using ingredients grown in my garden.

I keep my emotions balanced with: Cuddling with my dog, daily meditation and listening to music. Music has always been an important part of my life and has been there in the high and low times.

I’m intellectually stimulated by currently: Teaching myself to speak French on Duolingo and reading up on new farming methods.  

I was recently transformed by: My trip to Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. It is a very peaceful setting with great yoga and surfing. Being back out there on a board made me feel like a kid again and I cannot wait to go back for a full week of surf camp. 

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Yoga in the garden with incense before sunset. I lay my mat in a position where I can feel the last of the day’s sun. I crank up my eclectic playlist and I let it flow with plenty of sun salutations and dance moves. The garden design is a bit of Marfa meets Tulum, so with the California sun setting behind it, it is the perfect backdrop to end the day and begin the night.  

Here’s how you can do it tooHave a playlist ready to go ahead of time. Lay a yoga mat in an area of your home or yard that gets the last rays of sunshine for the day (approx. 30 minutes before sunset). Light a candle or incense. If you have some yoga experience, make up your own flow and have fun with it. Practicing at home is a good confidence builder and gives you the ability to focus on areas that need improvement. Don’t forget to throw in some dance moves; and I like to do a little ab workout, as well. With the sun shining down and your music playing, do what feels good to you. (I also drink a green tea beforehand to give me a little extra pep.)  

It helps me live my process because: It provides me with a little break between the day and night. I have realized that this is important not only for me, but for those around me. If it has been a tough day, it forces me to hit the reset button and be present. If it has been a good day, then it gives me even more for which to be grateful.

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Michael O’Brien’s journey here.

Image via Alexis Christodoulou 

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