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My name is: Marius Morariu.

I’m known as: Co-founder and CEO of Tracie Martyn Beauty and Wellness, “Pure Revolution” visionary, natural skincare formulator, holistic nutritionist, power for the highest good.

My expertise is in: Making people happy by helping them optimize mind, body and spirit when they visit our spa. Naturally, if they only want amazing skin, we also do that. However, we feel that beauty is not just skin deep. Our Resculpting Facial and other treatments (packed with proprietary mild current, diamond microdermabrasion, LED lights, oxygen mist and more) create beautiful skin, but nutrition and stress management help too.

I stay physically healthy with: A super clean diet, gluten- and dairy-free, unless I eat out at a great restaurant (ABC Kitchen and ABC V are two of my faves) and I break the rules. What you eat consistently determines your microbiome and that determines, oh well, let’s say frighteningly a lot— including your mood, immunity, cravings and energy level. As I am so busy, Tricia Williams (founder of Food Matters NYC) saves me by having my food delivered to work.

My favorite exercise is swimming, but it’s impossible to find a chlorine-free pool in NYC! To stay fit, I recommend Anna Kaiser, as she has—and believes in—positive energy. I take various supplements at different times for different things when my body needs them (for instance, vitamin D, CBD, magnesium etc.).

Instead of coffee, I wake up with a beauty ritual, using my skincare products. The aromatherapy wakes me up and makes me happy, but also helps me to chill at night when I get home—which is often very late. Before I leave the spa, I sometimes jump on our Ruby Ray light bed. It provides visible red light, which NASA has found to help increase and optimize mitochondrial function. What that means in theory (and I personally feel the benefits in practice) is more collagen and smoother, more glowing skin. And the red beats the blues if you are feeling S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

I keep my emotions balanced with: The most important impact on my emotions has been a combination of a deep interest in the fertile ground of spirituality since my teenage years (when I started reading Herman Hesse and Krishnamurti) and, sadly, the shocks of life, including losing my parents to disease. Together, those experiences helped me do what I always needed to do: let go (more) and let God(dess)/universe. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff and surrender to what you cannot change or what is not worth your energy to attempt to change.

I focus on the big picture, fight (or rather aligning myself with the universe) for the highest good and more important causes—like crushing cancer, advancing equality, protecting the environment and naturally meditating and practicing self love, so I have the strength to be in service of others. Once a month, I see my spiritual teacher, Joan Suval, and I  have also been transformed and inspired by Amma and Gurumayi. As a Pisces, of course, I love astrology, as well, and find it fascinating and often share with clients if they’re interested. They are often so relaxed—literally on cloud nine—after the mild electric stimulation from our Resculptor machine that they are more open to experimentation with those non-left-brain topics.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: Any utopian book or movie because I truly believe that humanity is a diamond in the rough and, when we reach our peak, there will be full harmony with Mother Earth, the ocean and all the animals; and we will be free of violence and disease and turn romantic love into a catalyst to understand and love everyone around us. The fusion of quantum physics, astronomy, astrology, medicine, spirituality, art and entertainment—basically all things we perceive with our left and right brains, our “guts,” the vagus nerve, our entire body really—is the culmination of human understanding, the end of fragmentation and duality. It brings more trust, more love, less fear and anxiety. I read in my very limited time about advances in cancer therapy, such as immunotherapy (eg. CAR T cell research). I am hopeful that, one day, I will  have a non-profit organization to combine biotechnology, AI and computer programing, phytochemistry and genetics in order to help find the cure for “incurable diseases,” regardless of whether the cure will make billions (current expectation from most pharmaceutical companies).

I was recently transformed by: I do not have time to travel right now, but, as they say, the answer is often closer than you think. So, I am inspired by the people around me who I work with and I meet in the spa. I know it sounds silly, but many of our clients call the spa “Heaven on Earth.” Our guest book is full of hearts. I think it is truly an energetic movement and I do give our director and Chief Heart Officer, Emmy, a lot of credit for her powerful sunbeam positive energy. It seems that most people feel the vibe when they come in and start vibrating on that higher frequency. And it is not that esoteric either: We have fun, we show people how special they are as we see their beauty, we laugh, we help people with their challenges, but help them not to dwell too. We encourage our visitors not to focus on the problem, but rather to optimize a state that is just fine already. Nobody is broken; nobody is a disaster. We all can feel and look better—not in comparison to some beauty standard or someone else, but, rather, in comparison to the more tense, tired and anxious version of ourselves before we started our spa transformation. Come as you are and we will take you up higher, if you allow us. We all get transformed together!

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: I wake up and do a brief meditation. I try to be grateful for another day (nothing can be taken for granted). I drink a fresh juice—either watermelon, celery or coconut—my body tells me what I need. Then, I start using the Tracie Martyn Skincare products I formulated. They are my babies. They help me start the day.  I start with the Amla Purifying Cleanser, an amazing margarita-scented, deeply pore-sweeping, but also complexion-evening  liquid gold (from turmeric) elixir. Then, I use the Facial in a Pot mask, the Enzyme Exfoliant (with too many benefits to name, but, trust us, you will get the closest you can to baby skin with this).

If I want a glassy skin look, I use our crystal-powered Complexion Savior mask, as well. Like a walk through a lavender field in the Provence, the zero-alcohol Absolute Purity Toner helps to balance the pH, cleanse the pores, brighten, purify and protect with antioxidants like organic olive leaf  extract and white tea. This, I follow with three effective moisturizers from the thinnest, liquid pink silk tightening Resculpting Neck and Body serum to the more nourishing and moisturizing Purple Velvet Firming Serum  with violet superpowers. I finish with a divinely scented Omega 3-rich, but lightweight, organic rose-scented lifting cream—the liquid cashmere. If I go outside and there is a good chance of major sun exposure, I use our TM SafeScreen SPF 30 everywhere.

Here’s how you can do it too: Use the steps described above, rinse and repeat. Remember to detox before you retox!

It helps me live my process because: It helps me practice what I preach: self-love. In the air, they teach you to put your oxygen mask on first, so you can help others. My process is to learn to get my own supply of oxygen, as I am often relying on the energy of angelic people to nourish me.

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Marius Morariu’s journey here.

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