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My name is: Maggie Holladay.

I’m known as: Founder of Claude Home.

My expertise is in: Sourcing vintage furniture and furniture design.

I stay physically healthy with: I come from a family of tennis players and started playing when I was like 3. It’s my favorite way to stay in shape. If it's too hard to get a court or find a partner to play with, I love just hitting the ball as hard as I can against the racquetball courts in the park. I also love doing Melissa Wood Health App for a quick burn that kills.

I keep my emotions balanced with: Whenever I'm a bit stressed or having anxiety, my favorite activity is to take a long bath before bed with Susanne Kaufmann bath oils or Nature of Things restorative floral bath. I then make chamomile tea, set up my laptop and proceed to watch reruns of Grey's Anatomy.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I love a podcast. There's one called Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham that I find intellectually stimulating because it follows successful people through the ups and downs in their lives. It makes you realize the path to success is never a straight line, and it’s ok to not always be ok.

I was recently transformed by: My recognition about how valuable my experiences abroad were after this pandemic began. The ability to travel, that sense of freedom from experiences of learning abroad, is something, at least on reflection, that was more powerful than I gave it credit for. My recent time in Paris was amazing—I saw the interconnectedness in fashion and style and it’s place in history. I intend to get out there again and not take it for granted.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Long walks before bed. Listening to a calming playlist or a podcast. It's really my favorite part of the day. The streets are usually empty and it's just such a nice time to clear my head, think and be thankful for the life I have.

Here’s how you can do it too: Finding a ritual that really works for you is not easy; it’s so trial and error. It can be helpful to try something new for a week until you find something that seems very natural to you, and it’s never something you’re dragging to do. Think about an activity that brings you joy and try to work that into your routine. It could be taking a bath, calling a friend or even just having coffee in bed. 

It helps me live my process because: It resets my brain, keeps me calm and reminds me how lucky I am.

Take a moment to learn more about Maggie and Claude Home here.


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