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My name is: Loria Stern.

I’m known asA chef and baker, especially of my flower shortbread cookies, which I ship nationally.

My expertise is in: Baking! Especially with edible botanicals and all natural colorants.

I stay physically healthy with: Going on a three-mile walk in my neighborhood five times a week.  

I keep my emotions balanced with: Dancing, deep breaths, phone chats with friends, hot baths.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I’ve recently been into mycology, learning about the sustainability of mushrooms. Love the book The Complete Mushroom Hunter by Gary Lincoff.  

I was recently transformed by: Dipping my flower shortbread cookie into coffee. I can’t believe it's taken me over five years to do this, but it’s been a game-changing afternoon snack! (Silly, I know.)

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me isGoing on my neighborhood long walks.

Here’s how you can do it too: Just step outside wearing some good walking shoes, with your headphones (or not), and start walking!

It helps me live my process because: It’s balancing, to get some air, take a break from whatever you’re doing and just move your body.

Read more about Loria Stern here.

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