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My name is: Joy Dushey.

I’m known as: A holistic life guide, breathwork and energy alchemist and founder of The Joyful Approach.

My expertise is in: Holistic lifestyle guidance, empowering people to live in authenticity through The Joyful Approach Life System and esoteric modalities of healing.

I stay physically healthy with: Years of living in alignment through the Joyful Approach Life System.

One thing I recently added to my regimen is playing tennis again (after a 10-year hiatus). It’s creating so much joy, and I’m also loving the incorporation of practicing mind, body and spirit attunement while back on the court in my later years.

I’ve also been getting lymphatic massages and treatments, and I’ve added some anti-aging supplements from Kion for cellular regeneration and optimal living.

Spending time with my five-month-old granddaughter is also nourishing me with so much love and joy, so I make sure to devote a few days per week to my time with her.

I keep my emotions balanced with: Again, The Joyful Approach Life System is my go-to for keeping myself in full emotional alignment. (The first tier/inner circle focuses on how our lives are impacted in the day-to-day. The second tier/outer circle focuses on our emotions and how we navigate relationships with ourselves and others.) I have a daily practice beginning with some gratitude meditation, journaling and devotional music mantra playing. I receive reiki and sound healing, body work, water immersion for healing, sauna, hot/cold water contrast, grounding work and shamanic practice working with Mother Earth. I have a few mentors that I touch in with for human design, astrological, shamanic and breathwork guidance and work with an in-depth psychologist, specializing in feminine leadership.  

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I’m a nerded out eternal Earth student. I listen to podcasts, talks and Audible books throughout my day from the am until I fall asleep at night. I’m invested in a plethora of online tutorials, programs and immersions. To name a few, I’m really vibing on Joe Dispenza’s work lately; Eckhart Tolle’s Present Moment series; Ben Greenfield’s latest book, Boundless; Danielle Laporte’s Heart Centered Program, a member of Sri Mati’s Water Tiger community, my first mentor Paul Chek’s Living 4D always offers a wealth of education for me. I could watch Brené Brown’s documentary, The Call to Courage, every day. I try not to overwhelm myself, so that I can grasp the information in full absorption. I use my intuition guided from my soul to turn the dial to what is wanted by my inner compass. 

I was recently transformed by: My most recent holiday in Tulum. It was a surreal and magical time, when I experienced a profound shamanic connection with nature in the jungle, receiving omens, spirit animal guides that came to me. I had the most nourishing time in full-loving harmonious connection with my family.  Looking back, the messages I received validated my connection to mama Earth, living in full-vibrancy connected to nature to revitalize and call miracles into our lives. I realize that these are examples of supernatural experiences that are indeed available for us when we participate with nature and allow ourselves the quiet to turn to our inner landscape. 

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: My gratitude practice is what I begin my day with—expressing gratitude for five things and why I am grateful for them. Over a year ago, I began a practice of. prayer with the medicine wheel, the sacred hoop used for generations by Native American tribes for healing and health. It encapsulates the creative process in daily cycle of the sun. The wheel embodies the “Four Directions,” as well as Father Sky, Mother Earth and Spirit Tree, all of which symbolize dimensions of health and the cycles of life. When we are in congruence with these cycles, we begin to experience immediate healing, high-vibrancy and expanded creativity. If I don’t do a full ritual, I, at least, am beginning by turning to the east and thanking the rising sun for a new day that is beginning again.

Here’s how you can do it too: Upon waking while you are still lying in bed, keep your eyes closed and reflect on five things you’re grateful for. Get as detailed as you can: You can be thankful for the protection of your angels in a moment of suffering or you can be grateful for the Starbucks attendant who served your delicious matcha latte the day before. As you state each reflection of gratitude, then ask yourself why you’re grateful. Take a few deep breaths as you reflect on your gratitude to oxygenate and generate the medicine of gratitude into your heart and all of your cells. Enjoy!

It helps me live my process because: I have the ability to step into my illuminated expansion in every new moment I have here on the planet and share this with the goodness of everyone in harmony with the universe. 

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Joy Dushey’s journey here.

Cover art by Alexis Christodoulou

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