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My name is: Jessie May Wolfe.

My expertise is inLeading with heart and empowering others to live and lead with their heart wisdom too! I’m trained in various modalities: reiki, life coaching, “Heartmath” facilitation and other practices. But most of my expertise has come as a natural born healer and connector, a brave heart igniter who believes in the collective power of our hearts to evolve humanity.

I stay physically healthy with: Hooping and hiking. Hooping to get my feminine, shakti energy flowing and hiking to connect and commune with nature and fresh air to feel grounded. Dancing is a big part of my physical well-being practice too. I love to let the music move my body—very liberating!

I keep my emotions balanced with: HeartRise! The method helps keep my heart healthy, emotions balanced and compass tuned! Ignite Bytes are a helpful way to start my day with a mini guided audio text message, and HeartRise meditation helps set the tone and remind me to stay heart-full and connected to self, first and foremost. 

I’m intellectually stimulated by: Our human stories. I’m always compelled to learn from someone who has lived a brave heart journey, whether in the form of a film, book, experience or other medium—authors, speakers, journeyers, healers, musicians and beyond. Alicia Keys, Jane Goodall and Glennon Doyle are a few of my faves, currently captivating me!  

I was recently transformed by: Covid. The pandemic has only deepened my experience of connection with others, as we’re having to rely more heart-fully on communication and trust. I’m amazed by the power of our human hearts. It’s an honor to witness the triumphs amidst the current terror that we also are being called to face. It’s truly a miracle and reminds me just how powerful we are. Our HeartRise Movement work—with entities from companies and communities to inner city youth and women’s empowerment groups—has shown me how impactful we can be when we join hearts to co-create the world we all deserve to live in daily. 

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Starting my day with HeartRise—anchoring in my heart has kept me honest, real and empowered in my truth no matter what the tides of the day bring. Upon rising, and also many times throughout the day, I find myself called to bring my hands to my heart and practice the four-step method to clear what I’ve been holding and make way for the intentions I am calling in.

Here’s how you can do it too: I would love to invite you to experience it for yourself. Get your HeartRise Rx—“the medicine,” as we call it, that brings us back home, brings us together and is accessible to us all, especially in this time of great need.

Text us at (310) 496-3879 to receive your daily free Ignite Byte four-minute audio meditations delivered to your phone. You can also access our library of HeartRise Movement meditations here to help you, your friends, your colleagues and your communities in a variety of ways right now. 

It helps me live my process because: HeartRise Movement keeps me resilient and heart-powered, connected to my flow rather than the force that we’ve all been conditioned to operate from with our fears. No need to control; instead it’s all about honoring the rhythm of my heart, where I am home and can truly live the process and create the most impact in this world.

Take a moment to learn more about Jessie May Wolfe’s journey here.

Image Via Renee Kemps

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