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My name is: Jakki Smith-Leonardini.

I’m known as: A clairvoyant, energy healer and certified soul coach.

My expertise is in: Speaking spirit.

I stay physically healthy with: I’m very lucky to live in a beautiful area surrounded by nature, so I try to make as much time for getting outside as I can. I often hike or run with women I love, which helps me stay physically active and energetically grounded. Recently, my family has inspired me to join them in mountain biking, which has become an exciting and challenging family activity.

I keep my emotions balanced withMy main practice of balance is through my energy work. I run my energy every morning and throughout the day as I work with clients to navigate their energies, emotions and experiences. I often turn to my business partner, integrative psychotherapist & intuitive healer, Kasey Crown, for guidance. She and many other women in my field have supported me through the process of establishing my practice, while staying grounded in my real life.

Part of balance for me is also setting time aside to enjoy a sunset and a glass of wine and relax with my friends and family. When you spend the days navigating the ethereal energies that exist in each of our souls, it is necessary to unwind from that and be present in the physical/literal sense with those you love.

I’m intellectually stimulated byPodcasts and books! Going back all the way to the beginning of my journey, these have been a main source of information and engagement for me with likeminded spiritualists. One of my first lessons in this work was that remaining curious—and holding sacred our human impulse to always be learning and stepping outside of what we know—is essential to the process of seeking truth. 

My favorite podcast right now is Sounds True: Insights at the Edge by Tami Simon, and my newest favorite read is Lynne McTaggart’s book The Field.

I was recently transformed byIn 2019, I partnered with Kasey Crown to establish WellSoul workshops. We have had the honor of working with people from all over the world who come to share in a spiritual journey with us. Last year, we got a glimpse of how incredible it is to share the work of energy healing with large groups of people. Seeing the work I typically do one-on-one extended to a collective experience was powerful and exciting. While we left Ojai anticipating much more of this group work in 2020, coronavirus really gave us some perspective about our control over this practice, which was also a transformative lesson in divine timing for me.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me isMy days are typically jam-packed with healing sessions, so my sense of ritual tends to revolve around work in that way. Something that makes all the difference for me is squeezing in long baths. “Me time” is not easy to come by, so whenever I can relax in a seaweed and sea salt bath and come into myself for a few moments, that has become super valuable to me.

Here’s how you can do it tooI would recommend that in those moments you are able to take for yourself, you go even further to create an opportunity for a grounding meditation. The practice of getting grounded is the process of bringing ourselves into the present moment. Presence is the doorway to healing and is the necessary first step in bringing our mind, body, emotions and spirit into attunement. 

Here is a specialized eight-minute meditation that I created to share with my clients and friends as a go-to tool for grounding yourself on the go.

It helps me live my process because:  My process is to share these tools with you all. One of the things I get most excited about in this work is making it accessible to a broader audience by sharing these tangible and easy introductory tools. It is the greatest gift to share the foundations of understanding energy, and there is much more to come in this realm—so stay tuned!

Take a moment to learn more about Jakki Smith-Leonardini’s journey here.

Cover image via Alexis Christodoulou 

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