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My name is: Gabe Kennedy.

I’m known as: A chef and the “cbd + herb guy” at Plant People

My expertise is in: Making any version of your favorite eggs, flavorful broths and sauces and connecting people and the planet through the power of plants. 

I stay physically healthy with: Lots and lots of long walks. Spending the quarantine in Boulder at my childhood home has allowed me to get out into nature often and pass the hours with a stroll.

I also have my supplements ritual: I pop two Be Calm adaptogen and hemp capsules. (This formulation is brilliant and uses herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine and ayurveda and some CBD, which doesn’t hurt either.) I also make sure to take methylated B + folate and vitamin D3. Don’t get me started on immunity supps—I have an arsenal. 

I keep my emotions balanced with: I start every morning on this meditation bench, either sitting for 10 to 20 minutes or doing some rounds of Wim Hof breathing. It is a key to staying sane.

I'm also all about music for my soul: I do a little boogie between calls and enjoy classical jams for productivity. Nice headphones are key. I enjoy these Bose ones. They’re also a savior during travels, as they drown out the screams of the child a few rows back. 

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I enjoy listening to audiobooks. Recently, I dove back into Sapiens and How To Change Your Mind. I play a good amount of music, so learning a new song on guitar or writing a new song always takes me on an intellectual and creative journey. 

I was recently transformed by: Slowing down. I operate at a lightning pace most of the time. The quarantine and isolation has really pushed me to look at my patterns and habits and rediscover balance. Spending more time alone in nature, without rushing through the classic city grind, has given me a renewed sense of appreciation for the world, my community, my family and my health. With this, I have been less stressed, more joyful and more patient.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Breathwork. I have dabbled on and off, but, recently, I have been doing the Hof breathing through his app. It is a game-changer. It also makes me feel way more comfortable that I can hold my breath for a long time.

I’ve also been rediscovering my love of cooking. Being a professional chef made me feel jaded about cooking for those I love. As of late, cooking has once again become one of the greatest joys of my life. Spending time with my family in the kitchen, laughing, trying new things and then eating is nourishing not only for my body, but also for my soul.

Here’s how you can do it too: Dedicate 10 minutes a day to breathing! Meditation works, but so do the guided sessions on the app. It is incredible how an intentional few minutes daily can change the trajectory of emotions and reactions throughout the day.

It helps me live my process because: It connects me to my body. It creates perspective and gratitude. What more could I ask for?

Images via @gabekennedy and @plantpeople.

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