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My name is: Dr. Richard Firshein.

I’m known as: “The Longevity King,” leading expert in integrative medicine and founder of Firshein Center.

My expertise is in: Teaching and guiding my patients to live healthier and longer lives. Within that expertise, I break it down into individual health conditions and create precision-based health programs. 

I stay physically healthy with: My routine for physical fitness includes intermittent fasting, juicing and staying physically active with sports like swimming, tennis, hiking and sailing. My go-to juice is kale, lemon, cayenne and turmeric in the morning. I also use both my Dr. Firshein DNA-based supplements and skincare to keep me on point and my skin healthy.

I keep my emotions balanced with: I use a collection of mini-meditations I created 20 years ago. After meditating for 15-20 minutes, I try to capture that same sensation for 10-15 seconds. So, I might do this between patients, when I’m heading home or between phone calls. At least five times a day, I like to do a series of breathing exercises, combined with moments of gratitude. I’m a big believer in TM mediation, but also believe in the power of clearing your mind. I tell my patients not to be afraid of TN mediation or doing “totally nothing.” I surround myself with positive people. Most studies show that people you surround yourself with are crucial in terms of the kind of energy they bring to you and how you perceive yourself. That’s a perspective that’s really important.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I really enjoy TED talks and podcasts by Peter Attia and “Found my Fitness,” and Mark Hyman. Classics like Forks Over knives and A Beautiful Planet are life-changing documentaries that help guide my thinking on food and the environment.

I was recently transformed by: I’ve been on travel retreats and at destination medical spas that I feel were incredibly powerful. In Bali, my friends John and Cynthia Hardy and their daughter Elora are transforming the way we think about education and architecture through their Green School with sustainable bamboo. Their great work with Green School promotes a sustainable way of living, reducing plastics and recycling, so that trip was really inspiring. Also, working with VIVAMAYR in Austria and going there to train was important in giving me a perspective on the critical nature of the digestive system. My absolute favorite destination in the Caribbean is Chris Blackwell’s Goldeneye, for mediation and a general winding down.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Waking up every morning and spending time with my 4-year-old son, teaching him and learning from him has been mind-altering. I also love that sense of gratitude that comes with doing the work that I do and being thankful that I can continue to help people and be a part of the rapidly growing, exciting, new field of wellness. Mini-meditation is really important to me and reminds me to find a cause and purpose in everything I do. I also make sure to find time to do the breathing exercises that I developed when I was putting together my asthma program. That’s really made such a big difference in my life.

Here’s how you can do it too: It’s helpful to find your north star. Find people who are knowledgeable in areas that are important to you and allow them to curate and explore information and knowledge that you can grow and learn from. It’s important to create a foundation in the way you think about your health: thinking about what you eat, understanding allergies, understanding your medical issues and reducing inflammation, wherever it is. It’s important to look at all of the factors that create overall health—sleep, diet, nutrient deficiencies, stress and genetics—and find people who can guide you through the maze.

It helps me live my process because: I enjoy being able to help people understand their ownhealth lane” and figure out how to navigate it. People come to me with a problem, concern or condition for which they’ve gone to maybe multiple doctors, but can’t seem to find the answers or treatment they need. I’m so passionate about working closely with my patients and being there every step of the way to teach them about their health and guide them on the path of success and longevity.

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Dr. Richard Firshein’s journey here.

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