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My name is: Bonnie Wright.

I’m known as: First, an actress, but now as a film director and advocate for the environment.

My expertise is in: Storytelling.

I stay physically healthy with: 

All of the amazing virtual classes happening right now from Ryan Heffington’s dance class to Kirsty Godso on Nike to Love Yoga and Sky Ting.

I also love to cook. My current favorite cookbook is Carter’s Cookbook by Carter and Harriet Were. It’s full of nourishing recipes. And, as I have significantly lowered my use of single-use plastics, my ingredients and meals have become more clean and whole.

I keep my emotions balanced with: The ocean. I am so committed to its healing powers from just living close to it, walking alongside it and surfing it. It brings me back to myself.

I also practice Vedic meditation, which can be both a challenging and abundant part of my day. I owe a lot to this practice, as so many of my stories have been born during mediation or straight after.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: Books and movies and conversations with friends. I learn everything from the way in which the story is told. A book could be about something interesting, but, until it’s told in a riveting way, I find it hard to be stimulated. The same goes with interactions with people: I have always gravitated towards people who have an interesting lens on life; I love trying to understand their perspective.

I was recently transformed by: My trip to Guatemala with the Rainforest Alliance, where we visited the Maya Biosphere Reserve and learned about sustainable forest management. I was so inspired by the cooperative lead communities that sustainably live from the resources of the forest, which they harvest with such skill and pride. Guatemala, as a country, was so beautiful and diverse in both landscapes and culture.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Reading a poem out loud in the morning. This has really helped me to hear myself and not be too shy. I also find the naturally emotive language of poetry instantly opens my heart up to the day. I have started sharing this practice on my Instagram stories, as well as welcoming three guests a week to read a poem. 

Here’s how you can do it tooChoose a poem. It can be one you know or don’t know; and read it out loud. I usually read it twice or three times, as I play with the words and my voice. I will often do this practice while having my breakfast and burning an incense by Bodha.

It helps me live my process because:   

My process is storytelling and this practice helps me live it because it gives me the confidence and softness that I need to own my own story.

Take a moment to learn more about Bonnie Wright’s journey here.

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