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My name is: Alexis Badiyi.

I’m known as: A stylist and creative. 

My expertise is in: Bringing beauty and creativity—whether that be in my work or in little things like setting a table or preparing a meal. Making a moment, a photoshoot, a meal or a conversation mindful, something special and memorable.

I stay physically healthy withI love to cook for loved ones and myself with fresh ingredients from our CSA, farmers markets or Alimentari Flaneur. I find when I am eating clean, my mind and body feels its best. Exercising outdoors and spending time in nature is very important to me. I love playing tennis. I recently began working with a trainer, which has been extremely challenging and rewarding.

I keep my emotions balanced with: My meditation practice strengthened during this past year. I've been taking my friend Desiree’s Benshen Course, which incorporates meditation, yoga, journaling and workshops. Acupuncture with Frank Vogt and massages are my go-tos, as well. Lately, I am making it a point to schedule in rest time. Having an evening where I do a Lesse Mask, take a hot bath, put my phone away and spend time with my fiancé has been important in re-learning to pace myself again. 

I’m intellectually stimulated byI listen to a lot of podcasts while sewing masks and prepping shoots. I recently listened to Mara Hoffman’s interview on The Cutting Room Floor, as well as Revine Maan on At a Distance. I also have been watching a lot of films during the pandemic, rewatching classics and finding new loves from the 60s, 70s, 80s and early 90s. I recently re-dove into The Artist's Way, a great tool. Visiting museums in New York gives me a lot of inspiration as well; nothing quite like an afternoon at The Met.

I was recently transformed byMy good friend Mona Esser. BE-shen does face readings, numerology and human design work, to name a few. I’ve recently done a face reading and numerology session with her, and it was a transcendent experience. I can’t recommend her enough. 

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: After this past year, a ritual that has become important to me is doing less, but better. I think of it as eliminating the noise and making room for music. It is almost meditative and can be applied to all areas of my life: my purchases, my experiences, the company I keep, the plans I make. Most mornings begin with a meditation and my morning pages, which include listing out things I'm grateful for and reviewing my calendar for the day and the week. This helps me start my day feeling grounded, grateful and focused.

Here’s how you can do it tooStart slow and small, be kind with yourself. Keep a notebook by your bed to use the next morning or even the note app on your phone. It can be even just a page in the beginning. Writing or practicing your ritual of choice first thing in the morning clears and strengthens your mind for the day. I’d also recommend getting a copy of The Artist’s Way

It helps me live my process because: It’s important to take the time to do internal work regularly, to continue to grow and develop into the best version of myself—for me and for my community. 

Take a moment to learn more about Alexis Badiyi’s journey here.

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