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My name is: Adriana Ayales.

I’m known as: An herbalist and founder of Anima Mundi.

My expertise is in: Plant medicine.

I stay physically healthy with: I’ve been loving a mix of yoga, Pilates and HIST workouts for the days when I need some extra punch. I’m basically surviving on medicinal mushrooms, mucuna and blue lotus at the moment. And a good ole fashioned green juice.

I keep my emotions balanced with: Meditation, lucid dreaming and “happiness” plants. I’m all about boosting our happy chemicals with plants that stimulate serotonin, dopamine and bliss.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: I love reading and watching documentaries. I have really been enjoying docu-series’ by Gaia on the mysteries of ancient civilizations and other truths about Earth’s story. 

I was recently transformed by: I had a transcendent experience recently intaking one of my favorite plants, Bobinsana—a plant known to assist in the lucid dreaming/astral traveling department. I remember going deep into source and walking through cosmic doorways where I could see myself as a child and as my future elder self. Just the tip of the iceberg.

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: Most nights, I like to do a mini self-hypnosis, like an invocation of “the higher self.” This really helps calm the mind and assists you in stepping into lucid and REM sleep.

Here’s how you can do it too: This can be a truly healing process that can help everyone from those recovering from PTSD to people who simply want to induce (very) deep sleep. When you’re lying in bed, in complete darkness (or using an eye mask), breathe very deeply using the 4-7-8 technique. This means inhaling for four seconds, holding for seven seconds, then exhaling for eight seconds while making a “whoosh” sound. Once you’re in a rhythm, visualize any object/plant/symbol of choice in front of you and begin rotating it. This helps the mind fall into a pattern without the inhibition of thought. When visualizing, state loud and clear in your mind that you’d like to see your higher self. Call it in and use any affirmation that really resonates. For instance: “Don’t let your mind tell you ‘this is worthless’ or ‘not doing anything.’” Focus on your breath and keep visualizing meeting your higher self. You’ll begin to hear, see or feel colors, symbols, sounds, etc. And, perhaps, you’ll get messages about some unconscious questions without knowing you were asking to begin with! You’ll know what to do from there. Trust me.

It helps me live my process because: It helps me shut off the thinking mind and attunes me back to my truth and dharma. 

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Adriana Ayales’ journey here.

Photo by Marina Denisova

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