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Our names are: Dawn Goldworm and Samantha Goldworm.

We’re known as:

DG: Founder & chief creative, 12.29.

SG: Founder & chief marketer, 12.29.

My expertise is in:

DG: Designing olfactive identities for global brands.

SG: Olfactive branding and consumer insights.

I stay physically healthy with:

DG: My daily meditation, yoga and asana practices help stay me balanced. When possible, I practice both outside in the sun. I also follow intermittent fasting, eat very little refined sugar and cook most meals at home. I pray nightly for those who suffer and give gratitude for my blessings including my family, safety, nourishment and comfort.

SG: I stay physically healthy by running with my husband. We’re renting a house for the summer in a beautiful neighborhood on the water. Running helps me connect with my husband, nature and my breath. It’s my second form of meditation.

I keep my emotions balanced with:

DG: I have studied the yoga scriptures including the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras for the past 15 years. Through these practices, I create space, allowing for grace to fill me up and keep me connected to the source. My relationship with the source, God, the divine energy that connects us all, allows me to lead from a place of compassion, where I can see the light in all life.

SG: I keep my emotions balanced with my yoga asana practice and vedic meditation. My yoga practice keeps me strong and physically balanced. My meditation allows me to create space and intention between my emotions and my actions.

I’m intellectually stimulated by:

DG: Thich Nhat Hanh, the renowned Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist, converts compassion into action, an inspiration for all of us. It is not enough to just claim to be a compassionate human; we must act and show our compassion for all living beings.

SG: I’m intellectually stimulated by conversations with my girlfriends about the current state of the world—politics, racial issues, health and overall injustice. We are all passionately seeking change for a better world. During quarantine, since we are scattered between NYC and LA, we have a weekly group Zoom call.

I was recently transformed by:

DG: The state of the world over the past few months. It reminds me to not just practice gratitude in meditation, but to actively tell my family and the divine how grateful I truly am for my comfort, nourishment, love and safety. While so many go without, I am eternally grateful for the gifts I have been blessed with. I am now constructing a new initiative, with Samantha, called Scent for Good, to give back and be of service.

SG: I was recently transformed by the birth of my second child, my daughter. My life is very full and busy (sometimes chaotic), but my heart is always full of love and a yearning to understand two little toddlers. My daughter is so tiny and strong; she knows exactly what she wants. She is my inspiration every day.  

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is:

DG: I started to pray again, every night—a ritual I had not practiced since I was a child. Speaking to the divine with my worries, fears, gratitude and prayers has enabled me to reconnect with myself, my family and my purpose, so I may be of service to my sisters and brothers.

SG: In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is meditating with my family. Sometimes it’s just Dawn and me. At other times, we invite my husband or my mom. We even Zoom meditate with my aunts in Florida. During quarantine, this group mediation has created moments of stillness and togetherness for us.

Here’s how you can do it too:

DG: Believe in something greater than yourself—family, community, nature, universe, love. Choose one or all and serve.

SG: is a great resource to learn about mediation. 

It helps me live my process because: 

DG: It is my purpose.

SG: It makes me a better, more compassionate and loving human.

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