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My name is: Consuelo Braggion.

I'm known for being: The owner of Terme di Relilax in Montegrotto, Italy (45 minutes outside of Venice).

I’m talking about: The benefits of therapeutic mineral waters and mud treatments.

This is special because: First of all, I wanted to offer a different experience to our guest. We are recognized as the first spa in Europe to use magnesium mineral science therapy in our “Le Palme” and “Le Bolles” pools. The mineral water relieves stress and anxiety, detoxifies the body, reduces aches and pains and provides your muscles with energy, something totally different compared with the thermal water. Dating back to ancient Roman times, the therapeutic waters—and especially the thermal muds (fango in Italian)—have been shown, through centuries of scientific research, not only to provide anti-aging benefits, but also to aid in the cure of osteoarticular syndromes, inflammatory rheumatism, sports injuries and pain. They have become our natural cortisone. Our spa’s mud treatments use a complex mix of minerals to draw out toxins and aid the body in relieving muscle pain, while, simultaneously, softening the skin. At Relilax, the mud has a DOC Thermal Mud registration and patent that by law requires licensed doctors on staff to prescribe mud treatments, so that guests are able to receive personalized treatment plans, depending on their wellness goals. 

When it comes to well-being, we’re all about: Customization, as every person embodies a different state of well-being and has different needs. Upon arrival, guests meet with our licensed doctors and nutritionists on staff, who can customize treatment and diet plans for their stay with focuses like detoxification, weight loss, injury therapy or, simply, relaxation. Hospitality has been in my family’s lineage for four generations. It is our desire is to make our guests’ dreams of relaxation and well-being come true.

One thing you can’t miss is: You cannot miss the mud treatments while at Relilax. We have over 15 types of services using the properties of mud, depending on the needs of the guest, including liver detoxifying wraps, anti-cellulite treatments, hair treatments and more. The healing properties of the muds are truly like nowhere else in the world and leave guests feeling aligned in mind, body and soul. 

terme di relilax

My favorite secret detail is: Well, I’ll reveal something for the first time, but you have to have “open energy channels” to understand it: In 2011, we wanted to bring this exclusive patent for swimming pools with magnesium and potassium water to Italy. I wanted something more than the marvelous scenographic pool of quartz powder with Brazilian slate stones and natural stones from our area. I asked a shaman (with whom I had made a journey) to test the energy of our park, where our structure is located, and “activate” our stones of slate immersed in water. Our guests do not know this secret and I smile when they tell me, “Mrs. Braggion, what a beautiful energy there is in this place!” I know what they feel: a profound well-being beyond material things—pure energy!

Your body will thank you because: Your mind and soul will feel balanced with your body if you follow the AlkaRelilax Diet, based on whole foods from a local organic farm. It results in more energy, increased concentration and focus, improved digestion, clearer skin, weight loss and a reduction of water retention and swelling. The base of the vegetarian diet regulates the body’s pH levels with fruit, cereals, vegetable proteins, juices and soups. An alkaline diet will help you to cleanse your system and rid your body of nasty toxins that have accumulated. Another level of detoxification is an all-body detox using alkaline foods that will help to bring the body tissues back to their normal alkaline state, as well as helping to flush out acidic toxins. 

While you’re in the neighborhood, you must try: One of the best ways to get a taste of our region within the Euganean Hills is through the varietals in our wine cellar. I’d encourage guests to try the bounty of what our area has to offer: wine, seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and also local restaurants serving traditional Venetian recipes. Padova City is only 15 minutes from us and is filled with art, shopping and good restaurants. You could also spend an evening in Venice to visit “dei baccari” (typical bars, where you can eat and drink like locals). The areas of Este, Montagnana and Cittadella are also worth a trip; each small town has its own character. Vicenza, Palladian Villas and the Brenta Riviera are also artistic and gastronomic beauties. 

Escaping should be part of your process because: It rejuvenates and nourishes the mind. 

Escaping is part of my process because: When I need to disconnect from work, I retreat to my house in the countryside, a few miles away, where I find energy thanks to my animals and the flowers I grow.

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