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My name is: Sorel Carradine.

My stomping ground is: Los Feliz, CA.

I’m known for being: A Pilates instructor and movement specialist bringing light and bright sunshine-y vibes and a serious core burn.

I'm talking about: Pilates By Sorel home studio series.

You can find it at: on Zoom live m-f and on-demand anytime anywhere! I also teach privates virtually and in my own studio space in Los Feliz.

Before I started this work, I was: As a former dancer and actress, mindful movement has always been a part of my life. I got certified in Pilates and began teaching straight out of college as my “day job,” while pursuing an acting career. Sixteen years and 12,000 + hours of teaching later, here we are! As I delved deeper and deeper into my practice and education, I realized how special and dynamic my role was in people’s general well-being. I still love performing and do it whenever I can, but have chosen to put all my focus into teaching and working with clients.

My interest was sparked when: I danced and did gymnastics as a child, in addition to playing sports in high school, so physicality has always been an essential part of my life. In theater school, we also had a lot of movement technique, and movement as it relates to performance, as well. My cousin brought me to my first group Pilates class when I was still in college, and I instantly loved it. I got certified right after graduating and began teaching straight away.

What inspired me to start this was: The pandemic brought the opportunity for me to connect virtually with so many new people all over the world. I had always worked for other studios and had never taken the leap into doing my own thing. I loved being able to share my method of teaching with so many new people, and it’s grown from there. I love the fact that through my virtual studio, mindful movement and Pilates practice are much more accessible.

The idea behind it is: Pilates for the people! Bringing the Pilates studio into the comfort of your own home. My classes are designed for everybody to do anywhere with minimal equipment, space and time. My signature teaching method will help you feel both stronger and more balanced, and, most importantly, more deeply connected to your body and your quality of movement. Guaranteed you will move better and also feel better.

What makes it different is: Creativity and variety. I love the traditional Pilates method, but, after so many hours of teaching, I’ve developed my own spin on it. You will never do the same routine twice. I also think my system of cue-ing is unique and have consistently heard from clients that they finally understand how to access things and move in new ways that they’ve never understood in other Pilates classes. I always aim to make every movement juicier and give you a deeper connection.

One thing you can’t miss is: Getting in tune with the deepest part of your core. Once you understand how to move correctly in your core work, it’s life-changing and will affect your quality of movement in all your other practices.

My favorite secret detail is: Pilates is the secret anti-aging weapon (fun fact: it keeps your fascia supple and helps maintain healthy collagen!). It also keeps your spine and all your joints happy and healthy.

What it means to open your heart is: Being courageous, finding the balance between strength and softness. To me, it’s a state of being where you feel open, accepting and expansive. You feel things on a much deeper level which can sometimes be painful, but the reward is always far greater. It’s ultimately about connection and shared experience, which is always illuminating.

When you show self-love, it opens your heart because: When I went through some health issues in my twenties, my mom would always remind me that what you resist persists. When I learned to accept and lean into things that were painful, I was ultimately able to find release and learn how to take care of myself. When you take the time to really tune into what your body, mind and spirit need, and are gentle with yourself, it opens you up to receiving care from others, as well. A favorite Rupi Kaur quote is, “how you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” The more love you give yourself, the more expansive and open your heart can become, which allows space for both receiving and sending that love back out into the world. 

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