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This may or may not be the Age of Aquarius or The New Age, but it is certainly The Now Age: Everything has to be done now! 

Cell phones, computers, texts and the Internet have destroyed the cushion of time that used to enable us to thoughtfully consider our situations. Here, in The Now Age, information overload is overwhelming.

How can we find and stay on the path to a life of quality and meaning in The Now Age? How can there be time to pray, when there’s hardly time to play?

Ritual is a way of both reminding ourselves of our immense capabilities and of calling them into being for our use. This is true power. Thoughts and beliefs are vibrations of energy that can influence us in a very deep way. If we consciously turn within and integrate positive habits to clear, rebalance and heal ourselves, we can move our assimilating abilities “up.” That way, we can better cope and tap into a healthy, clear flow of energy that frees our circuits from being clogged. This process helps us to feel and function better at higher levels of clarity. 

The Tarot is a form of do-it-yourself analysis—a way of unlocking secrets of the self and providing directions towards manifesting your goals. It is a support system that can be relied upon like a friend who gives you helpful advice. It is also a great brainstorming tool to enhance your creativity.

Reading the Tarot is a ritual practice that helps you to be more mindful by guiding you into a deeper, inner level of awareness. It is a way to journey into yourself to attune and discover your spiritual center. The 78 cards portray all the cycles of human experience; it is a “book” of knowledge. Using the Tarot as a focusing mechanism also helps in the development of your psychic abilities and empowers you to make the best choices in your life.

The Tarot can be used for the purpose of divination by using the images on the cards and their meanings to trigger insights from our higher self. That’s the part of us that provides guidance by supplying those “irrational” hunches, intuitions and flashes of inspiration that make everyday life sometimes seem so extraordinary.

“Thoughts and beliefs are vibrations of energy.”

By quieting your mind, calming and centering yourself while shuffling and selecting one or more cards, as you sincerely ask for guidance about your situation, you spur your higher self to guide you to select the proper card. Your state-of-mind at that moment implies a future course of events for the situation about which you are asking.

Shuffling the cards of The Tarot at the same moment as you are concentrating on your question causes your question and the cards you select to be linked together by the power of your intention and concentration. They are connected in a significant way because they are happening at the same time.  

Creating this ritual oasis of calm in the midst of the hectic pace of modern life helps us tune into the meaningful coincidences and messages that help to give our lives meaning. 

Amy Zerner and Monte Farber are a husband-and-wife creative team, whose many best-selling spiritual projects have sold millions of copies worldwide and have inspired countless readers to trust their intuition and make their dreams come true. The 25th Anniversary Edition of their Enchanted Tarot deck is available starting October 17, 2017 and is available for pre-order today. Learn more.

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