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Our names are: Romy Block & Arielle Levitan. 

Our book is called: The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health.

My background before becoming an author was: We are both physicians of internal medicine and endocrinology and the co-founders of Vous Vitamin.

We were inspired to write it when: We found our patients asking many questions about the proper role of vitamins and health.

It’s about: The proper role of vitamins in health, approaching specific conditions and how vitamins can be a safe and useful way to play a role in evidence-based health care.

The most unexpected takeaway is: People feel like they have gotten sound medical advice in a very accessible way. They feel like they’re “having a conversation with their best friend who is a doctor.”

It’s a game changer because: It breaks down the simple and safe role of vitamins with an individualized approach to their use.

My hope is that readers will: Come away feeling more informed and empowered to improve their health.

This book can help give you a health boost by: Giving you important and clear information about what is safe and useful to take based on your individual diet, lifestyle and health conditions.


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