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My name is: Talia Eisenberg, co-founder, chief marketing executive of Beond

My stomping ground is:

For the last six months, I have lived full-time in Cancun, Mexico near our psychedelic-assisted therapy facility. We have homes in Marin, CA and NYC. 

I’m known for being: 

Founding and operating a medically safe and ethical psychedelic-assisted therapy facility using ibogaine to support people in interrupting addictions, heal from trauma and other mental health challenges. 

Ibogaine is known as one of the most intense and potent psychedelics. Because of some of the cardiac risks associated with it, we use it in a medical setting with strict safety protocols to interrupt habits and heal trauma. It is our medical teams’ job to screen candidates and ensure that people are safe. For opiate dependent people, ibogaine miraculously provides a rapid detox and minimizes much of the uncomfortable side effects associated with withdrawals.  

I'm talking about: 

Psychedelic wellness facility,

Before I started this work, I was: 

I am a mother and a wife. I have an MBA in sustainability and prior to this I cofounded a marketing agency and community for healers. 

My interest was sparked when:   

When I was 22 years old about 13 years ago, I was living in NYC desperately looking for a solution to an opiate addiction and eating disorder. I tried them all and my last one was ibogaine which ended the addiction and catalyzed a new chapter in my life. I have been on a plant medicine and alternative healing wellness journey since. 

The idea behind it is: 

People who suffer from chemical dependency issues, behavioral issues and mental health challenges come to our facility from all over America and sometimes Europe. We receive many inquiries a day through our website and we asses each client via a free consultation call. Prospective clients then fill out a medical application which is reviewed by our medical team and carefully screened for cardiac risks, seizures and past mental health diagnoses which could prevent them from getting treatment. 

Onsite, our team is comprised of board-certified physicians, nurses and clinical psychologists who assess each client to develop a treatment plan with ibogaine based on their healing goals. We do lab work, EKGs and run other tests upon arrival. Psychologically, we focus heavily on preparation (goals, intentions) and integration (taking insights gleaned from the acute psychedelic journey phase and being able to apply them to a clients everyday lives when they go home). 

Clients are assigned a psychedelic-assisted coach to work with prior to arrival to prepare emotionally and physically for their stay, which is typically ten days. When they go home, they leave with a customized integration plan that they collaborate on with their assigned therapist. Ibogaine lasts in one's system for up to 90 days and is very good for neural plasticity and creating new habits that help change people’s thought patterns and lives. It also promotes GDNF in the brain, which is why biohackers love it—this is what is responsible for learning, joy and curiosity. 

What makes it different is:  

We combine Western medical care with Eastern modalities. Onsite, we offer yoga, daily massage, Watsu, qigong and other activities. We try to look at each individual whole person—each person is a unique being with needs, histories, goals and desires.

It’s a new model for addiction healing and mental health because ibogaine works on a physiological level to reset one's brain, but it also works to uncover underlying trauma and repressed emotional blocks helping people to process emotions faster than traditional talk therapy. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

We are relational beings, so, in some ways, we all are on a spectrum related to dependency issues whether it’s relationships, food, exercise, work, materialism or chemicals. Some of us restrict and others go overboard. 

Dependency comes in all shapes and forms. We see many women, some of them mothers and entrepreneurs and executives, who want to change their relationship with drugs or even the nightly wine drinker who seemingly has it all under control, but isn’t happy. 

Some people have been prescribed opiates for physical pain and then it escalated into more. Clients know they can lead better, happier lives filled with richer connections to self and others if they’re able to “see beond,” release the cycle of dependency and heal what’s underneath and driving the compulsion. This is the future of mental health wellness, using plant medicine and therapy. We are not just treating symptoms, but also treating underlying causes.  

I hope people walk away feeling:

Like their true selves reinvented. Free to be without the learned layers of societal roles, self-imposed archetypes or old limiting stories that they used to tell themselves.

Psychedelics are such a powerful tool because: 

When used intentionally and in a therapeutically guided setting, they help us to see from a higher perspective and take us from a victim mindset to an empowered one. They humble us. They are intelligent and connect us back to our ancestors and the earth, reminding us we work for the earth, the earth doesn’t work for us. We aren’t here to manipulate the planet and live life half asleep—this is a product of capitalism and the need to produce and be efficient at the cost of the human soul.  

They’ve helped me because:

I have found my unique purpose and know my worthiness. My worthiness comes from the inside out, not the outside in. 

The words I live by are:

Change your story, change your life. 

Another one I came up with lately is: always be integrating. We have many daily insights and epiphanies that seemingly come from a higher place. Our work in our human bodies is to actualize these epiphanies into our daily lives as we move throughout the day. It’s one thing to have a realization, it’s another to try and take these nuggets into our being and daily experience to create change in the world for ourselves and others.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

Nobody is irrevocably broken. I try and really see each person I meet behind their veil and shenanigans. Everything we believe is grounded in the mind and belief systems. When you change your story and ground it in integrity and authenticity, everything else follows. There is no absolute truth except a higher intelligence at play. There are only the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, which are often only various chosen perspectives. Why not choose a positive, life-generating thought, perspective and story?

Psychedelics are one tool that teach us how to do this.

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