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My name is: Eliza Timpson.

I’m known for being: Founder of Sunwink.

I'm talking about: Herbal tonics!

You can find it at:  California grocery stores and cafés—and our website.

How it works is: Herbal tonics are a new kind of healthy drink. They taste like a sparkling juice, but all of their flavor comes from herbs. (Each drink has four to eight times the herbs you'd typically find in an herbal tea bag.) The best part: Each drink is inspired by a real woman and the herbs she uses. Sunwink gives 1% of net sales to an organization of each woman's choosing.

I started Sunwink because I wanted an easy way to use herbs every day. I spent most of my twenties managing stress poorly. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that I knew something had to change. Going to see an herbalist helped me slow down and listen to my body. But I was intimidated when it came to understanding herbal health on my own. (Like, what the heck is “ashwagandha” and should I take it in pill, powder, tincture, or tea form?!) Our drinks became an easy way for me to incorporate herbal wellness into my daily life.

I'm never going to be the kind of person who can make a smoothie with ten ingredients every morning. I'm still trying to do that “drink two glasses of water in the morning” thing. My hope is that Sunwink helps others incorporate herbal health into their daily lives. Technically, you could make our herbal tonics in your kitchen, but we know that's probably not going to happen every morning. And that’s okay!

What makes it special is: We’re the only sparkling health drink out there that is just focused on herbs. Each drink is blended for a specific benefit. For example, if you're constantly complaining of bloating and digestion issues, I love having you start with the Detox Ginger. This blend uses dandelion root, burdock root, ginger and cinnamon. Dandelion and burdock are known as bitter herbs and have traditionally been used to stimulate digestion (as well as eliminate toxins from the body). Ginger and cinnamon are carminative herbs, and they have historically been used to ease gas and bloating. Paired together, they make a powerhouse combo!

One thing you can’t miss is: Our Lemon Rose Uplift flavor uses lemon balm, which is one of my go-to herbs for stress. Lemon balm is known as a nervine. Traditionally, it has been used to help ease anxiety. It's my secret weapon if I'm nervous before a big meeting or wound-up after a long day.

My favorite secret detail is: Our blue bottle looks beautiful, but it also helps protect the herbs from sunlight. We are committed to not using citric acid or natural flavors, so the herbs change flavor over time. (The bottles are glass and recyclable!)

Your body will thank you because: Herbal wellness is one of the oldest types of healing. Beginning to learn about and use herbs makes you realize there are other ways to support your body than over-the-counter painkillers, antacids, etc. I've found that knowledge to be incredibly empowering!

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