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My name is:  Dr Nayan Patel.

My stomping ground is: Southern California.

I’m known for being: Pharmacist, researcher, lecturer, author and creator. 

I’m talking about: Auro Wellness—in particular, Glutaryl, the only topical absorbable Glutathione on the market and my new book, The Glutathione Revolution.

You can find it at: Shop directly from Auro Wellness and on Amazon.

Before I launched this, I was: A compounding clinical pharmacist and trainer to help physicians understand prescriptions.

My interest was sparked when: I first developed a novel vitamin C molecule back in 2007. However, as the product was going to be cost prohibitive at launch, I turned my efforts to glutathione. This is a more powerful molecule with exceptional health benefits that could have tangible results for my patients. 

What inspired me to create it was: As a compounding clinical pharmacist, I was always searching for solutions to give my patients. I wanted a safe and effective way to help them, down to the cell level. Even though we had glutathione on the market, there were a lot of drawbacks for effective usage and techniques to effectively deliver the molecule. It was easier for me to work with vitamin C, and we did, but the vitamin C product was cost prohibitive. I then worked with glutathione with the goal of giving my patients the solution and impact they needed from an antioxidant. We delivered the original formula for the transdermal glutathione in 2009 and, after nine years of seeing so much success of what we created in the lab, I decided to write The Glutathione Revolution. The goal of the book was to share the knowledge of glutathione with the world and allow them to get some insight into the mother of all antioxidants. I also noticed there were no good books in the market on the topic  and wanted to start the conversation. It is a story that needs to be told. 

The idea behind it is: When creating the glutathione product at Auro, we ran into two main issues. One, the sulfur group needed to be protected as it gets oxidized quickly; and, two, glutathione, being a protein, is difficult to receive in a finished form because the body will break it up in the digestive tract. These are the two things that we wanted to solve.

With our Auro GSH technology, we are able to  protect the sulfur group from oxidation and shrink the molecule, so that we can bypass the digestive system and deliver the molecule in its complete form for the body to utilize. Currently, we are funding more research at this point and collaborating with other researchers to work on learning more about the benefits of glutathione.  Simultaneously, we are educating healthcare providers, so that they are able to help their patients.

What makes it different is: The best form of glutathione supplement is transdermal, but the formula needs to use glutathione in a small enough form to travel through the skin barrier. Glutaryl is unique because we have solved both problems—protecting the sulfur group from oxidation and delivering a protein to your body without breaking it down, so your body can use it up. This has never been done before and the results are faster. Using subnano technology, we have discovered how to manipulate the actual glutathione molecule in order to keep it in a reduced (meaning that it’s ready to stabilize free radicals) and water-soluble form. This way, GSH can be delivered through the subnano water channels (pores) of the skin via a simple topical solution. It is one of the first glutathione products to use sub-nanotechnology to deliver GSH in a highly absorbable form and is identical to how our own body produces GSH, using the same three amino acids, in the correct sequence.  

One thing you can’t miss is: How vibrant and how much energy your body has when it’s getting clean through detoxing from the inside.

My favorite secret detail is: We thought that the stickiness of Glutaryl could be a problem, so for eleven years we have tweaked the formula to try to solve this. However, eleven years and over 100 iterations later, our formula is the same one we discovered in 2009 and the formula we have today is identical. We came full circle, only to realize the potential drawback was not an issue at all.

What it means to find balance is: Finding balance is a delicate task that requires a full dedication to understanding and commitment. Balance in my life means being a pharmacist, CEO, researcher, son, dad, husband and healthcare provider all at once. I wear multiple hats and have multiple roles to fulfill daily. I bring balance to myself by making sure that all these roles are equally important to me, so I can give myself with equal passion and purpose. Balance is also my own personal health and ensuring that my body is functioning at its optimum level.  I do practice what I preach. That is what gives me balance.

What makes balance so important is: The thing about balance is that you cannot measure it; you just feel and experience it and know that you have achieved it. It is not quantifiable. Achieving balance allows for a oneness of mind and body, and a calmness. A sound body is a necessity for a sound mind and, as a result, balance cannot be isolated to one aspect of life. It encompasses all. Balance gives us purpose and hope, and surely this is the meaning to life?

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