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My name is: Rose Theodora.

I live in: Madrid, Spain.

I'm known for being: 

An astrologer. I pioneered color-astrology in 2014, birthed it more into the collective consciousness; I co-created the first ever color-astrology studio and have since been lucky to curate and advise some amazing people and brands, on color use, auspicious time frames and the collective narrative to care for their customers and clients more soulfully.

The thing Robyn loves is: 

The way that I weave color and symbolism into practice.

Before I started practicing this, I was: 

Working in the art world and semiotics—merging the two. Though, astrology has been a lifelong study and practice.

My interest was sparked when: I've always been utterly fascinated with people, how we choose to express ourselves, what a person's inner world is like, how they make sense of the world. Everyone's story is so uniquely remarkable, and what we each draw on for strength is vastly different. One person might draw on experience as a source of confidence, whereas another might draw on pain, intellect, logic or emotional, intuitive intelligence. Astrology is the only medium that gave me neutral insight––a world that felt real compared to the externally conditioned mask we each wear, our “social self.” Astrology is a spring well of honesty and wonder, the only thing that could fill my unquenchable curiosity and love for people.

Maybe around age eight is when I got a glimpse, but, the older I grew, the more and more shocked I was by the level of depth and meaning astrology lent. The more conversations I would have with people about their astrology, the more I would see them light up in realizing that they were incredibly powerful and were constantly co-creating with the universe. This moment of realization, where someone realizes that they are not a victim of circumstances, that their life doesn't happen at random or chance, empowers them to more fully trust themselves again. This is what drives me to share astrology with people daily, to light them up and remind them that they are powerful beyond measure—that they aren't separate from the universe, but an integral part of it.

The idea behind it is: 

The idea behind astrology, or at least how I practice astrology, is to use it as a framework and blueprint for a person's real authentic identity before all the conditioning and social pressures to conform. A person’s natal chart is a sacred omen and blueprint cast as the moment that they took their first breath on this planet. The chart is a manual for their entire life, guidelines that can empower a person to turn within in and listen to their inner voice, to trust what's right for them and the choices they are making, as opposed to doing what they feel they should or ought to do. So many people have been through a lot, and those life experiences have dysregulated their nervous systems and disconnected them from what is true and correct for them. Astrology is a way to self-regulate, understand the big picture and reconnect a person to the divine plan, universe, natural rhythms and nature. 

What makes it unique is: 

Astrology is so widely practiced and sought out now, but what makes it unique is the reader and how an individual connects to the reader (people sense the truth, and they know what is correct or not suitable for them), the vessel through which the information is flowing and being interpreted. Apart from my deep connection to astrology as a lifelong study, having a background in neuroscience (psycho-biology), art history, art, semiotics (symbolism and meaning), NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and spiritual mysticism are what make my practice of astrology unique. The lesser-known aspect of astrology is that it's a way to reconnect to nature—it’s a reset. 

Something new I'm doing is:  

Creating an experience that will allow people to feel and know their astrology, rather than just read or talk about it.

One of my favorite things (that I didn't create) is:

James Turrell's The Light Inside is both a passageway and a destination. A light immersive experience. For me, light, color and music are the universe's languages. All are similar to astrology because each is a microcosm and expression of the entire universe. 

The words I live by are: 

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, what we see and how we experience it. Through time and space, we can hone in, listen and nourish ourselves. Only from there can we live out our dreams and reach our full potential.

One truth that is so important, but people don't always realize is: 

You are an intrinsic part of nature and, if you attune to your body and make space to listen to your inner voice, you will discover what is right for you and realize eternity. 

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