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We might still be wearing our winter coats, but spring is officially here! In addition to warmer temps and budding blooms, we’ve got some energetic shifts too look towards.

But what does the Spring Equinox mean for us, generally? What does it mean this year in particular?

We are so lucky to share legit insight from writer and astrologer Jaime Wright, who has shared some thoughts about what this year’s Spring Equinox has in store. Just a taste of what her incredible individual insights can offer, especially as we enter this new season.

Live The Process: What energy does the Spring Equinox typically bring?

Jaime Wright: The Spring Equinox is a rebirth for the sun and the astrological New Year! Though we celebrate the calendar New Year in January, it’s tough to launch things in the winter. We’re starting from the bottom, and often our time is best spent hibernating, fermenting and distilling. Spring is when life really begins. Spring allows us to reset from a place of true balance (equilibrium, if you will) and move forward toward our big goals. It’s pure potential. Fresh produce. A runner poised to begin the race. An egg about to hatch. 

LTP: What do we have in store for this particular spring and the rest of March?

JW: As the season changes from winter to spring, we’re in the midst of a major vibe shift. Three planets change signs in March 2023. First, on March 7th, Saturn—planet of structure and boundaries—moved into Pisces after spending five years in his home signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. I liken this shift to the moment when The Wizard of Oz transforms from sepia tones into saturated technicolor: vivid and heart-opening. 

Then, on the 23rd, power planet Pluto moves into Aquarius, changing signs for the first time since 2008. Pluto will remain in Aquarius until the 2040’s and will bring deep transformation to our social and technological structures. The uncanny valley is about to be the norm, and chatbots with big feelings are only the beginning of what’s to come!

Finally, on the 25th, action planet Mars moves into sensitive Cancer after spending over seven months in chatty Gemini. This isn’t an era-defining (Saturn) or epochal (Pluto) shift, but it does mark the end of a chapter. A story that’s been playing out since August (which intensified in October) finally comes to a close.

As winter turns to spring, we’re heading into a new chapter, a new era and a new epoch all at once. There’s no more putting it off. The future is here.

Live The Process: Is there one word of wisdom you’d offer as we transition into this next season?


Trying to hold onto something from the past (or go back to 2019) just isn’t possible anymore. Not under these skies. The sooner you focus on what’s ahead, the smoother this transition will be!

For more of Jaime’s wisdom and to discover “where you are on the map amidst all these changes,” book a session! Also, for those who have just entered their Saturn Return, she just launched a special reading that gives an overview of resonant dates and topics for the three-year transit!

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