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My name is: Brian R. Clement, PhD, LN, NMD.

I live in: West Palm Beach, Florida. 

I’m known for being: Director of Hippocrates Wellness/Hippocrates Health Institute, the world’s oldest and most renowned lifestyle changing retreat.

I'm talking about: For more than half a century, I have had the honor and privilege to work with more than 300,000 people. Here in the U.S., Hippocrates was based first in Boston and then moved to West Palm Beach in 1986. We are known as the center where people come to learn how to renovate their lives and prevent and heal premature aging and disease. We believe that everything is generated from the mind, including our food choices, work, play, companionships, etc. For this reason, our foremost objective is to guide people into a positive mindset. When this is achieved, people no longer perceive themselves as victims, but instead responsible humans who consciously show gratitude for all that they experience. Without this essential practice, it is difficult—literally, almost impossible—to achieve a value-driven life.

Before I started doing this work, I was: In 1969, I found myself severely overweight, smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and consistently stoned on grass.

My interest was sparked when: A mature woman, who had healed from stage-4 cancer, took me under her wing so that I clearly realized all of the gifts and attributes I was wasting. Although I had a supportive and loving family and, besides being a student, enjoyed playing music, I was still conflicted enough to be out of control. Meeting her and allowing her guidance to resonate gave me my first deep insight into gratefulness, which I have expanded daily.

The idea behind it is: During my professional career as a natural doctor and PhD nutritionist, I have had the opportunity to write more than 30 books. The three most appropriate for helping people find their empathetic gratefulness are Belief, Spirituality in Life and Healing and Finding You in You. Each of these encourage you to embrace all of your internal powers and create a life you picture. Once you recognize your infinite abilities are an extraordinary gift, you will mold a future of health and happiness. 

My work is an expression of gratitude because: Each morning that I awake, I look forward to work. Since it is not work for me, it is an expression of my passion and, for this reason, I experience endless energy that removes all walls, toll booths and blockages.

Gratitude improves your life—and our collective experience on this planet—because: If each of us were grateful, I mean all eight-billion people, we would acknowledge and understand that every experience, event and challenge is actually a good thing. When looking at a weight, for example, our negative mind says, “This will be heavy when I lift it,” but, when doing so, we instantly see the benefits and the results. It’s hard to climb a mountain, but, when we reach the summit, the experience is well worth it and we are grateful without hesitation.

The words I live by are: See, accept and enjoy everything that you pursue. It is up to us to create what is perceived as reality. Nurturing and building your imagination is the most important factor in raising your awareness and gratitude.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: “All life is your perception, all pursuits must be vigorous, and all results should be embraced.” Heather

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