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My name is: Jasmine Renae Huesca Hayden.

I’m known for being: A soul embodied leadership coach, multidisciplinary artist, social equity and anti-racism facilitator and consultant.

I'm talking about: Transformational coaching with my company, Here We Grow, has so beautifully evolved into a deep spiritual practice of supporting women who are devoted to their soul’s work in releasing generational or ancestral trauma and harmful social conditioning and reclaiming their power, magic and liberation through what I like to call, “Feminine Reclamation” (a.k.a. deep feminine energy). I absolutely love supporting women as they step into their most empowered soul expression through this work and serving as a guide through the most challenging aspects of the human journey.

You can find it at:

Before I began this work, I was: Directing, acting, singing, filmmaking, teaching and facilitating workshops across the country on intersectional social equity and spiritual embodiment. Spiritual activism has been a through line for me since I was 18 years old and now I get to channel that mission in such a beautifully intimate and sacred way through working one-on-one with people. I still express myself and create through these other mediums, but coaching has become my primary focus and passion as there is a particular kind of fulfillment I receive from witnessing my clients in major life transformations and living so much more powerfully than they once knew was possible.

What inspired me to start was: It first began with a huge heart full of love for the miraculous work of healing this planet, along with a righteous anger toward social injustice. I woke up to oppressive systems that lived in my body and be-ing at a young age: As a Black, Mexican Indigenous, queer woman that was brought up in a predominately white affluent education system, I became so outraged at the false stories I had been programmed to believe about myself and the world and how disconnected from themselves and their true desires most people I knew lived.

I became committed to dismantling my own internalized oppression and healing my ancestral or generational trauma, so I could experience the depth of connection to myself, my body, my soul and my spiritual purpose for which I’d yearned. I became devoted to supporting all bodies and identities in freeing themselves from harmful or escapist coping mechanisms or spiritually bypassing, and I learned to take full ownership of my energetic sovereignty in how I could best serve as a leader in my various roles.

Years ago, I had a moment of profound realization about how powerful my presence and guidance is for my loved ones, mentees and those I have led, in truly recognizing the magnitude of impact I have to transform people’s lives and support them in their healing. From this recognition, I felt like a portal opened into my growing coaching capacity: I went through trainings, masterminds and received coaching myself from some of the best coaches in the world. Through this work, I could further serve my clients deeply in their spiritual awakening, authentic embodiment and feminine empowerment for the love, relationships and work that fills their souls and changes the world.

How it works is: When you work with me one-on-one, you receive an epic amount of individual support through overcoming the fears, blocks and resistances that have kept you suppressed, unexpressed or living in unconscious fear in order to fully embrace your magic, pleasure, sensuality and sovereignty in your body, in your being. I’ve worked with people in so many different fields and industries and continue to find that mostly everyone who is devoted to their evolution wants to remember these divine rights. In my group programs and workshops, there is a profound medicine that comes with healing in community because, to be witnessed and held in community, is to rise alongside brothers and sisters who offer powerful reflections of our own humanity, whether painful or insightful.

What makes it special is: There’s such a depth of nuance to my work and how I show up as an individual that truly makes it like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Transformative healing and reclamation is more than realizing that we are the creators of our own reality, this work is deeply ancestral and lies in wisdom beyond intellect. I believe that we are here to expansively open our hearts and minds to receive more love and support and that, through this, we open ourselves up to truly creating the most meaningful impact in our lives and in this world, through our aligned actions. My work isn’t life coaching; it is soul work. It is ancestral healing, it is sacred self-intimacy, it is community healing, it is planet regenerating.

One thing you can’t miss is: One thing you receive from working with me is, without a doubt, a deeper connection and intimacy with your self, your body, your ancestral wisdom and your intuition, all of which empower you to live more authentically in your soul essence and express your creative self more fully. That inevitably allows you to break through harmful cycles that have been passed down to you through your lineage.

My favorite secret detail is: My favorite aspect of my work and my teachings is that, with all the tools, practices and wisdom I’ve been blessed to receive in my life, I’ve gotten to a place where I know that showing up in my full presence, as a Black, Indigenous Mexican queer woman, is what has the power to be the most impactful change for the entire collective of humanity. Because my ancestors have been denied that by our oppressors, and it has taken a lifetime to dismantle, deconstruct and reconfigure harmful systems into regenerative systems within my own being, everyone gets to benefit from engaging with this work. So, part of how I create the most impact is by raising awareness of how much power and privilege is or isn’t held in the body and how you may channel your creative energy not only for your soul evolution, but for your community in ways that are not performative, but rooted in spiritual integrity.

For me, what it means to be a woman warrior is: For me, a woman warrior means to hold the inner divine masculine in such a grounded, secure and stable way that allows for the inner divine feminine to surrender, trust and express fully. It means loving myself so deeply that I can see myself in everyone else and meet myself in the most challenging places with the intention to heal and grow. It means to stand for myself and the most marginalized communities, BI&POC, LGBTQ+ people who suffer the most at the hands of white supremacy and patriarchy and at all intersections of injustice. It means to have such an immense amount of patience and compassion with myself and others and still honor myself, my purpose, my integrity and my mission of what I came here to do— not only when it’s easy, but in the day-to-day, in interpersonal dynamics and when there is the most resistance.

It’s important to affect change because:

Creating impactful change through our own being is what frees us from unconsciously living in fear or suffering through our human experience. By choosing the reclamation of our power to heal and transform, we give ourselves and the rest of humanity permission to live fully expressed in all of our magic and beauty and embrace the interconnectedness of all living beings in the remembrance that our individual organisms are microcosms of the brilliance of an evolving consciousness. In this vein, you give yourself and others the gift of experiencing all that life truly has to offer in the now, beyond the constructs of the inhibitive past.

This can help us live our process because:

When we come to accept that all the harmful stories, beliefs and conditioning in our minds and bodies that were passed down to us are not, in fact, ours to carry or hold, we get to have true agency in how our process actually unfolds. We get to live our process in a way that is sacred, fulfilling, satisfying and pleasurable. We get to experience the most intimate connection to our most sacred self or “God-Consciousness.” This is the difference between living our process versus letting our process live us.

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