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My name is: Rachelle Robinett.

My stomping ground is: New York.

I’m known for being: An herbalism educator, registered herbalist (AHG) and founder of Pharmakon Supernatural and HRBLS.

I’m talking about: Empowering and powerful herbalism education for modern people! Translating the magic of plant-based wellness into practical applications for every day. 

You can find it at:

Before I started this work, I was: In the closet about my herbal obsessions, and working in fashion.

My interest was sparked when: I was a twinkle in my parents’ eyes.

What inspired me to create this was: The cumulative voices of friends, family, community, intuition, ether and the winds of change, which I hope to always catch in my sail.

The idea behind it is: I believe the future of health is holistic, self-guided, accessible, integrated and nature-based. In other words: herbalism. I’m here to bring it to the world.

What makes it different is: My approach to herbalism and how I communicate it is—like nature—both about art and science. There is an inherent allure, mystery and spectacle in plant-based medicine—from the playfulness of a watermelon radish to the interstellar journeys initiated by psychedelics. And there is sound science, powerful proof and truth in the field too. I’m interested in inspiring without beguiling, taking down trends but building up the potential of herbalism to change a day, a life or the entire landscape of healthcare and self-care.

My favorite secret detail is: I’m a writer. Hopefully that won’t be a secret too much longer. (My first art-book was published just recently.)

What it means to find balance is: To know that balance, like all things in life, is perpetual change. I aim to always flow with it in the direction of progress, learning and growth.

What makes balance so important is: Being in balance enables us to be ourselves. The more of that we can be, and the better at it we can be, the better we make our collective, our network, our whole living organism that is nature.

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