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My name is: Laurel Shaffer, owner and formulator for Laurel Skin.

I’m known for being: A connector of people and plants, an ethical sourcing/farming advocate and an herbalist.

I'm talking about: Our upcoming The Miraval Collection, made by Laurel Skin, a four-piece skin ritual that is regionally sourced near each Miraval destination. 

You can find it: At spas such as Miraval Resorts, with holistic estheticians around the globe and on our website.

Before I created this line, I was: A sommelier turned herbalist.

What inspired me to launch it was: My combined love for farming, wellness and spa rituals and herbalism. I am passionate about local and domestic farming and ethical sourcing for beauty products. Sourcing can involve the community and enhance and protect the Earth rather than take from it.

How it works is: The four products create a sensory experience that go from Austin, to Arizona to the Berkshires. 

What makes it special is: I spent over three years developing this collection, traveling to each destination to connect with farmers, herbalists and distillers in each region. The ingredients have been seeded exclusively for this project. 

One thing you can’t miss is: The Essence of Miraval Facial, offered at all three locations. The Miraval Collection is the foundation of the facial, which also includes facial poultice massage and honey tapping.

My favorite secret detail is: I have a few!

  • The Elixir includes a Honeysuckle enfleurage, which includes 6,000 hand harvested flowers from Arizona! 
  • The Mask ingredients helped launch the first organic medicinal herb farm in Austin.
  • The Berkshires Balm includes a custom distillation of lavender and rosemary made just for that product.

For me, “clean” or “conscious" beauty means: Ethical sourcing and transparency in ingredients, from fair treatment of farm workers to only organically farmed ingredients. No shortcuts, slow beauty from seed to bottle, in alignment with Mother Earth every step of the way. 

One ritual you can practice with this line is: A full facial, starting with honey tapping technique with the Petal Pecan Mask. And a closing ritual of a lymphatic massage on the neck and décolleté with the Tusli Rose Balm.

It can help you live your process because: If part of your earthly mission is to protect people and planet, then everything about our products aligns with that. Using this line allows you to support the environment, plants, animals and people. 

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