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Over the years, my experience with skincare products has changed completely. I have noticed that the more I treat my skin topically the way I do internally, the better results I get—more youthful and dewy. The impact of eliminating inflammation and balancing out the body is truly astounding.

Due to acne scars, throughout the past I’ve tried many different acid peels and products that attacked my skin. Although these treatments left my complexion looking plumped up, it was also very irritated afterward.

All the paraben- and sulfate-free products that I now choose are based on feeding and nourishing the skin instead of hurting it. This means more repair and rejuvenation through increased skin function, collagen production and healing. The barrier of my skin is without inflammation, and my epidermis is much healthier. By the time the dermis level is raised and reaches the surface, it protects me more and looks so much better.

Osmosis is now my go-to product line. (Based on my own experience, I recommend their incredible products to one and all and even sell their products on my website.) Personally, I use their Stemfactor and Renew serums, which have beneficial ingredients like Retinaldehyde in lieu of the more aggressive RetinA or Retinols out there. They have been life-changing for my skin and could be for yours too.

photo credits: lukasz wierzbowski

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