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My name is: Pritika Swarup.

I live in: New York City.

I’m known for being: Founder & CEO of Prakti Beauty, international fashion model, global ambassador for Operation Smile.

I’m talking about: Self-care rituals that prioritize holistic wellness. Prakti skincare uses the purest, most effective Ayurvedic ingredients, enhanced by science-backed innovation to amplify the efficacy and sensory experience of every product. Every element creates a nurturing self-care moment—from the uplifting aromas to the luxurious textures. Our experiences are designed to nourish skin and soul and, combined with meditation and breathing techniques, they allow people to connect more deeply and unlock their inner strength.

Before I created this, I was: I wasn’t able to find time to connect to myself on a deeper level and reflect everyday, as I was modeling full-time while finishing up at Columbia. So, I was always on the go with little time for myself. Once I launched Prakti, I really started emphasizing my self-care rituals as holistic wellness rituals—all encompassing moments to provide mental clarity, enhance mood and maintain balance within. I realized that to continue going at the same pace, it was essential for me to take the time each day and combine my self-care rituals, so I can be my best and give the most. Prakti products create a nurturing, soothing atmosphere for my self-care practices.

My interest was sparked when: I grew up practicing various exercises such as meditation, 2-1 breathing and marma facial massage to draw on my inner power, become more self aware and be fully present. As my career evolved, I realized that I needed more from my self-care rituals to find a balance between the needs of my mind, body and soul.

The idea behind it is: Our sensorial products delight the senses of smell, touch and sight to create self-care moments that truly uplift your soul and allow you to connect to your inner goddess. The functional aromas created by the pure essential oils in our skincare have mood enhancing, mental wellness benefits, great for practicing breathing exercises and meditation. Prakti promotes our holistic wellness-first approach by encouraging women to incorporate wellness rituals into overall self-care. We simplify Ayurveda (the time-trusted Indian wellness system) through education to make these proven techniques practical for the modern lifestyle and accessible to all women to improve their overall health and well-being. We share these practices through resources across our blog, The Priti Edit, social channels and newsletters. From yoga and meditation practices, to harnessing the healing powers of food and skincare, to breathing techniques and daily pick-me-ups, our weekly edit is everything you need to incorporate these beneficial practices into your busy schedule.

What “goddess manifestation” means to me personally is: Recognizing and embracing the innate power, strength and wisdom within oneself, and actively working to cultivate and express those qualities.

One tip for manifesting your strength is: Cultivate a positive mindset and belief in yourself.

Drawing out strength and power is not about what’s good and bad in our past, but rather: Learning from all of our previous experiences to make us stronger and move forward with intention to be better everyday.

The words I live by are: Never limit yourself. You’re capable of anything you set your mind to.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: Maintaining balance of the mind, body and soul is the key to living a healthy life.

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