Simple, Healthy Summer Skin

Simple, Healthy Summer Skin

The hot days are growing close and soon our skin will begin to feel the impact of the summer sun. Spending more time outdoors creates an inner sense of joy, but also exposes our skin to that vital and fierce element more than any other season.

One of the best ways to prepare skin for summer is to keep it moist and healthy. A simple option is to take in lots of water, nature’s best moisturizer. The more hydrated the dermis, the better it can protect itself from the elements. Like a healthy green leaf on a tree, the more water the skin takes in, the more resilient it becomes.

Keep the skin well-nourished and supple by using natural moisturizers and applying masks. I prefer vegetable-based face oils, since their bioavailability is greater than moisturizing creams. During the summer, our skin may not need as much moisturizer, so you can opt for a lighter application or dilute your facial oil with a natural rose water.

Alternating between a purifying clay mask and a moisturizing mask will both remove dead skin cells and add that natural summer glow. Raw avocado is one of my favorite replenishing masks. I love to put it on while lounging on the beach!

Avoiding sun exposure all together is unnatural but having a mindful relationship with the sun is sunscreen at its best: If walking or driving, wrap a light scarf around your chest and walk on the shady part of the street. Always take an umbrella, hat and a Zinc Oxide sunblock with you to the beach.

Summer solstice is coming, so let’s celebrate the water, the sun, the sand and the magic of this playful season.

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