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My name is: Sarah Rahal, MD.

My stomping ground is: Downtown NYC.

I’m known for being: Founder & CEO of Armra. Pediatric headache physician. Mitochondriac.

I'm talking about: Armra Colostrum—all day, every day.

You can find it at: Online through our website,

Before I launched this, I was: A pediatric neurologist specializing in headache and facial pain in children, running a busy practice in New York City. My official titles were assistant professor of neurology and pediatrics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and director of the pediatric headache program. I’m also an expert in functional medicine and environmental health.

My interest was sparked when: I saw in my practice what I was reading in the literature—that chronic diseases have exploded over the past few decades. Our genes didn’t suddenly mutate; all these health issues are being driven by an environment that rapidly changed over the past few decades with unprecedented pollutants in the air we breathe, pesticides and anti-nutrient ingredients in our food system and unregulated chemicals in our body and home care products. They drive inflammation and we see a surge of autoimmune problems, allergies, digestive complaints, mental fog, bloating, sleep problems and skin issues because of it. While researching colostrum, I discovered a natural, whole food powered by over 200+ exclusive peptides, antibodies, growth factors and bioactive molecules that had the power to strengthen the body’s defense against these modern exposures and restore foundational health. Over 5,000 research publications attested to its health benefits. And I wondered: why didn’t everybody know about it already?

What inspired me to start this was: The body has the powerful ability to heal itself when equipped with the right nutrients to do so. I saw an opportunity to address the health challenges posed by the modern environment with an ancient superfood that is uniquely suited for the task. A safe, effective and accessible tool that could meaningfully improve the health of anyone who took it—infant, child or adult—for around $1 a day. At scale, the societal impact could be massive.

The idea behind it is: Bovine colostrum evolved 300 million years ago and has been harnessed for its health benefits for thousands of years dating back to Ayurvedic medicine, was used to treat infections before the advent of antibiotics and is clinically backed by thousands of peer-reviewed research studies.

Armra is a proprietary, pure bovine colostrum concentrate rich in over 200+ functional, bioactive nutrients that act as a blueprint for the body’s optimal functioning. It is sourced exclusively from grass fed cows on family dairy farms in the US using only overflow/excess colostrum, to ensure baby calves get fed all they need before any colostrum is collected. 

What makes it different is: We developed a patent-pending colostrum concentrate that utilizes proprietary low temperature technology to protect the integrity of all of the fragile bioactive molecules, while also removing unnecessary dairy compounds, like casein. This ensures the most potent and bioavailable product on the market and the only one optimized for human health. Because of our process, independent research showed that Armra Colostrum conferred 32% stronger antibacterial immune protection than other colostrums. 

Our secret ingredient is: Bovine colostrum—nature’s first and only true superfood, and the embodiment of 300 million years of evolutionary wisdom.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: We focus a lot on immune health, but because Armra Colostrum addresses a foundational pathway in the body, our customers notice benefits for many other aspects of their health: combatting bloating, increasing energy levels, improving moods, enhancing focus, acting as allergy support and as part of their fitness routine as the growth factors support lean muscle building and workout recovery. I learn so much from my customers—many even use Armra topically for anti-aging skin benefits.

It’s especially important to boost our health right now because: Good health is the most valuable asset we have. It allows us to show up in our own lives, fully and with purpose. Unfortunately, we are maladapted to thrive in the modern environment. It’s changed rapidly with everyday exposures to pollutants, chemicals and anti-nutrients, a constant threat. However, we are empowered. Through simple practices, the exposures we eliminate and the food we fuel ourselves with, we can take matters into our own hands and equip our bodies with the nutrients that transform our health.

My favorite new ritual for self-care is: Microdosing with psilocybin.

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