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My name is: Julie Piatt aka SriMati.

My stomping ground is: Malibu Canyon.

You can find me at: Erewhon Market.

I’m known for being: Devotional.

I’m talking about: SriMu Do Life. Not Cheese.

 You can find it at: Via subscription at and at Erewhon Markets.

What brought me to LA was: A job in the fashion district when I was 22.

Before I launched this, I was: Living life as art, creating music, art, authoring cookbooks, being a mother and being a spiritual mentor to my online Water Tiger community.

What inspired me to create it was: A desire to serve food as a prayer to all life.

The idea behind it is: It is a vehicle of frequency, connecting you to who you are and it’s the best cheese experience on the planet.

What makes it different is: It invites all of creation into the process—the elements, trees and energy of the sacred makers actually making SriMu.

One thing you can’t miss is: The next level vibes. You can feel the blessing for your body, spirit and soul.

My favorite secret detail is: The pattern in SriMu branding says, “Devotional Offering,” in reverse. It’s created by artist O’Hara, who is a word monk of the modern hieroglyph.

Today’s LA isn’t all plastic surgery and Beverly Hills (like the stereotype). It’s more like: Freedom to live life outside the boxes, more embodied in who you are.

What helps me live my process in LA is: A beautiful community of creators on the edge of transformation.

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