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And, just like that—it’s March!

How did that happen? Sometimes time seems to move at lightning speed.

Though, here in NYC, it will be awhile before the weather truly warms in a sustained way and blossoms begin to appear, as this month begins, you can feel the promise of the coming shift, of a kind of emerging lightness. There’s the beginning of a buzz in the air with the knowledge that winter will soon come to a close. These are our final weeks to hunker down, self-reflect and plan for what’s to come.

In honor of that promise of renewed energy and change, at Live The Process in March, we’re focusing on women who we feel embody that notion of riding shifting tides: female entrepreneurs. On our site and at our Studio, we’re inviting in the energy of those who inspire us on our own innovative journey, building successful businesses, supporting their sisters and making the world a better place for us all.

They say, “The future is female.” We say the future is now.

Our spring collection arrives with a similar energy—a sweet power. Further exploring the influence of color, Blooming Dahlia, our latest shade, embodies the concept of connection and eternal bonds. It represents strength and grace, power and openness—the importance of showing respect to yourself and to others, all the most important attributes for women making their way in the business world.

With these silhouettes, we champion the power of authenticity and honesty—staying true to your unique self, seeking holistic satisfaction and, when that fulfillment proves elusive, making thoughtful changes in pursuit of an existence in flow.

As always, it’s hard to pick favorites, but as we transition through the end of winter, coming out the other side ready for what’s next, there are certain pieces that have become my staples:

The Seamless Wrap Skirt is our first-ever skirt and, I have to say, I think it’s such an amazing debut—especially in new Brazilian Sand. It’s so classic and chic. Whether paired with sneakers or flats, over a bodysuit, leotard or tee, it transports me to Paris in spring, endowing me with a bit of extra confidence in my own grace.

For me, our Pointelle Cardigan is coziness and polish embodied. This piece has a bit more heft than some of our previous sweaters. It’s constructed in our new easy-care merino wool—meaning that it’s machine washable—which means I happily throw it on over the Orion Bodysuit, for example, after class and don’t have to worry about getting it messy. When buttoned up, the sweater has a turtleneck silhouette, which feels really polished with its blouson sleeves.

My affection for the Orion Bra and Legging has a lot to do with the design process: we dedicated real time to painstakingly constructing this set and I am so proud of how it came out. The pieces are bold and attention-grabbing without being too obvious. They’re the perfect Live The Process statement.

In general, I’m so into the idea of sets right now. They’re so easy to throw on  and are insanely comfy, yet they have such a finished feel, whether we’re talking about the Marl Cardigan and Flare Pant (in our new mixed yarn aesthetic), our first proper Tracksuit (with its throwback attitude) or our three-piece Thea set (which includes the Knit Rib Legging, Bra and Cardigan, all constructed in this new silky, sustainable fabrication which is part of the Recycle to Upcycle initiative).

My personal favorite, though, is our Belted Rib Pant with High Low V. Both of these pieces are constructed in our silk-cotton blend peachskin fabrication. This material is sustainably sourced under the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) to reduce the environmental impact of cotton production—and it’s a dream to touch. Putting it on just feels amazing on every level. We call it “an act of self-love” and I personally really feel the truth of that.

Slipping on these pieces helps me feel like my best self, and that propels me with more success through my day, helping me manifest more. I’m hoping it can do the same for you and all of the other inspiring women!

x - Robyn


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