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My name is: Cristina Rigoni.

I’m known for being: Export Sales Manager for Rigoni di Asiago.

I’m talking about: Rigoni di Asiago’s new Nocciolata Bianca.

You can find it at: Nocciolata Bianca can be found at gourmet shops across the country such as Eataly, as well as online at Amazon. Our full range can be found at Whole Foods and specialty supermarkets from coast-to-coast.

How it works is: All of our family’s products begin with our fruit and raw ingredients that come exclusively from organic farming, with very high standards guaranteed by strict controls and certifications. The Rigoni family has chosen organic farming since the early ‘90s, as a belief more than a trend.

We’re committed to preserving natural resources and achieving the highest level of energy sustainability for responsible consumption, ensuring maximum production with minimum impact. All production facilities include a cogeneration plant, capable of generating electricity and heat simultaneously, which reduces our fuel consumption by 50%. The entire production operates with low power consumption: all the energy used is from renewable sources (wind) and the water used is recirculated only after being treated and purified. After the product’s careful and thoughtful creation, our organic honey, fruit and hazelnut spreads, such as Nocciolata Bianca, are shipped all over the world. Made in Italy with love!

What makes it special is: Nocciolata Bianca was created to provide our customers with a better-for-you hazelnut spread alternative that offers an indulgence with health benefits. Our Bianca flavor is 100% organic, palm oil-free and made with more hazelnuts than other spreads. Plus, Nocciolata Bianca is gluten-free with 45% less sugar than the average hazelnut spread on the market, so you can indulge without feeling guilty!

Nocciolata Bianca is the newest addition to our Nocciolata range of hazelnut spreads, including our classic and dairy-free hazelnut and cocoa flavors.

One thing you can’t miss is: The intense hazelnut flavor! Made with 30% hazelnuts, our Nocciolata Bianca spread has an unmistakable, unique hazelnut flavor that is perfect on top of toast, ice cream or stirred in your morning coffee.

My favorite secret detail is: Since the product’s creation, our Nocciolata hazelnut spreads have not contained palm oil. Respecting the environment, while preserving our fresh flavors, is both a family tradition and a core part of our company’s values. We believe in producing products for a better, sustainable future for today's consumers and for the generations of tomorrow—and we are committed to not using palm oil in any of our products.

Your body will thank you because: Whether you are trying to get through the 3pm slump at work or celebrating a small win like making it to the gym that morning, no grand occasions are required to reward yourself with a moment of bliss such as Nocciolata! Plus, our hazelnut spread is certified organic, GMO-free and contains no artificial aromas or flavors!

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