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My name is: Bunni Wyldeflower.

I’m known for being: A mother, wife, photographer, an unconventional therapist and one half of ZenBunni.

I’m talking about: Our Biodynamic ZenBunni Coffee

You can find it at: and specialty retailers around the world.

Before I created this line, I was: A fine art photographer.

What inspired me to launch it was: A lack of products with the highest level of quality and intention. 

How it works is: There are several ways to enjoy brewing our Biodynamic ZenBunni Coffee. I recommend French press, however, my new daily obsession is to do a 24-hour cold brew!

What makes it special is: It’s actually very special and quite rare. Our beans are grown biodynamically, and certified Demeter, a method of farming that far exceeds organic standards and is considered the highest level of regenerative agriculture. There are over 25 million coffee producers in the world and, out of that, there are less than ten that grow biodynamic coffee. 

One thing you can’t miss is: The way you feel! It's very different from other coffees. There is an astronomical amount of rigorous effort and coordination arranged with the natural elements and our solar system to cultivate and harvest our beans—and you can feel that intent. 

My favorite secret detail is: Its intention. We support small family farms, we are a small family, our roasters are a small family and there is a lot of magic and love within all these relationships.

For me, what it means to create a product with purpose is: Why make a product without purpose? We are way past the point of making things to cut corners, compromise the health of people and the planet and just make money. That method is a lose-lose situation. As they say in the biodynamic world, we can no longer “sustain,” we have to “regenerate” and create everything with this in mind.

One ritual you can practice with this is: Actually taking the time to read and learn about the origin, the ingredients and manufacturing of every product you use and support with your dollar. It will truly empower you and, from this new vantage point, you can begin to support things that heal. 

It can help you live your process because: You will become much cleaner and clearer. This will bring about a new level of inner radiance and clarity that will inspire and help usher us all into a healthier, more gentle and compassionate world.

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